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caiden- san francisco

Matt and I traveled to California for two amazing sessions last weekend…..there are so many images that I am just a bit overwhelmed!  We had a blast with Caiden and his mom and dad.  We’ve been photographing him since he was a bump in the belly, and now he is the cutest, most full of…

  • Corby Coyle - Oh, my goodness…I LOVE LOVE LOVE them all so much! I really like the one of Caiden in the blanket – I am so glad you thought to bring it. We are so excited to see the rest!!

  • Natasha - The photos are fab! Love the wind blown tunnel pic.

  • Rachel - Adorable! Love the one of Caiden on the tree stump.

  • Ashley - Amazing photos of one of my favorite families! The scenery is gorgeous and the smiles are priceless!

  • Lauren - What great photos!

  • Rebecca Casarez - Corby and Tony…………..Amazing! xoxo

  • Donna Oliver - Beautiful pictures!

  • Alejandra - Amazing place to be for family fotos!

  • Kimberley - These are the most beautiful photos I’ve ever seen! Those eyes! That beautiful hair!( both of yours) My eyes are leaking! Your family is so beautiful. I can feel the happiness in these photos. Thank you so much for sharing. I love ya’ll.

  • Cassie - Happy Happy Happy Baby!! Precious

  • Janis Javinsky - The pictures are fabulous!! I love them. Beautiful family!!
    Love you guys!!

  • Glenda Gallegly - Fantastic pictures! Cutest grandson ever. Thanks so much for sharing. I can hardly wait to see them all. Love, Grandma

  • Johnnie Gallegly - Wish I could have been there.

  • Amy Sullivan - Incredibly beautiful photographs! Puts a smile on my face every time I look at them! Caiden is a living doll! xoxo

  • Barbara heerwald - I cannot remember the last time I saw actual life in pictures until I looked at these,
    What a beautiful family.. It makes me miss you so much more.

    Barbara heerwald

  • Barbara - Beautiful pictures and a beautiful family! It would be so hard to choose a favorite! Love them all!

  • Jerry - Amazing pictures !

  • Barbara Adkins - Beautiful pictures and a beautiful family…could never choose a favorite…love them all !

  • Sharyn Sharp - Pictures are fabulous! Caiden is adorable. What a fun trip!

  • Karen Raye - These are such nice pictures! That Caiden is a doll. I love the picture of him on the tree branch. And the last one of the family is really great.

  • Jean Sanders - What incredible photos – AND what incredible subjects! Thanks for sharing.

  • R Harper - That is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Thank you for sharing them.

  • Lisa S - These pictures are fabulous! This is a gorgeous family – love those big, blue eyes!

  • Linda McCall - Beautiful, beautiful pictures!

  • E Thompson - Wow! Amazing photos of a beautiful family!

  • Marilyn Browning - What a beautiful family. Caiden is adorable! Thanks for sharing this.

  • Lika Suris - Absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful family! Caiden is precious. These photos really are amazing. I can’t decide which one I like best because they all turned out perfect.

  • Mary Thompson - Caiden is absolutely adorable!! The pictures are beautiful – love all the background scenes especially the tunnel views. You have a georgeous family 😉

  • Susie Wilbanks - Excellent pictures,– very artistic! Great Aunt Susie

  • Sandy - Gorgeous family!!! I would recognize Tony anywhere! 🙂

  • Jason McDonald - Great Pics!!! 🙂

  • Becky - These have to be the best family portraits I have ever seen. WOW, I am in love with these photos.

  • Holly - Those are truly heirlooms photographs! Wow Wow Wow! G’ma Glenda, you are blessed! 🙂

  • Auntie Anna - WOW! What gorgeous photo’s…what a gorgeous family!
    xoxo Anna-banana

  • Robin Barbree - Wow – somehow I missed this email, but the pictures are great. He is so cute

  • Karen Hall - What a beautiful little boy! I love the one of the tunnel with the sunlight behind the family.


The third little one we’ve photographed with this daddy’s cool arms!  Little Owen is sure loved…. We had to get some images with the beautiful blankie that Nana made….

  • Heather - I LOVE these! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  • Lisa Cheek - Love it. Love my babies and my decorated husband!

  • Donna Fields (Nana) - When I saw these I could not help but cry. They are so beautiful and what a priceless picture of the three of them! Angela, you always do such a wonderful job of capturing the perfect moments.

  • Susan Ayers - Those are stunning photographs.. Jamie, you have a beautiful family and those babies are beyond precious…

  • Alexis (super nanny) - Awww! I love the sweet Cheeks like they were my own wee ones! The picture of those 3 are fabulous! Namina’s blankie with all 3 is wonderful—Hank”s face us SO him. 🙂


Love seeing these guys each and every year!

  • Sarah Thoams - Hi Angie! LOVE the one of Pace and me….. Sums up a lot!
    Thanks for creating the best memories year over year!

  • Charles & Margo Browning - Absolutley fabulous pictures of the kids. They look just like little angels. Especially the ones of Sarah & Darren. Ha!

  • Auntie Mel - My beautiful babies! These pictures are amazing!

  • amy - maddy is so big girl and brother is always the cutest

  • Kyle arana - Wow! Gorgeous pictures!

  • Bubby - Love the one of Sarah and Pace…so funny!!!

  • Jeffrey Cartwright - Nice. Great bucket shot. One more off my bucket list.

  • Michelle - Darling!!

  • Gen - The photo of the little guy holding Mom’s leg is priceless. There’s something so fashion-esque about it! Great shots, Angela.

  • Lori Thoams - OMG – these are wonderful, so cute and adorable too. Those with Pace look like an ad, nice legs Sarah. Love the personality Angela captures with her shots, very impressive.


Sweet little Thaddeus….

  • Lauren - Angie, these are so precious! We can’t wait to see them all!

  • Cheryl - Beautiful pictures of my precious grandson and his beautiful parents. Can’t wait to see more.

  • Doug - Great pictures… look forward to meeting the little guy!

  • Nathan - These are awesome! We had such a great time and can’t wait to see the rest of the photos. I love how you caught his big smile in the black and white photo!

  • Sarah - These are precious! Beautiful baby and family!

  • Tammy Wooten - He is already a pro with the camera. Adorable!

  • Nick - So comfortable in the bucket. Great pics!

  • Nick - Great pics! He looks so comfortable in the bucket.

  • Elise - Great pics and what a beautiful family!

  • Alysa - Fabulous photos. Thad is so handsome! Can’t wait to see the others. Angie, you and Matt do such an amazing job!

  • Cathy Schreiber - These are absolutely precious! What a beautiful family!!

  • P. Linn Kereji - OH MY GOSH LAUREN AND NATHAN!! THESE ARE JUST LOVELY!! Make you mom buy me one and put on my bill with her……these are just great, I so wish we lived in Dallas as I would have Cheyenne and JAK at this photographer’s studio in a heartbeat!!

  • George Kereji - Great pictures Lauren and Nathan. Look forward to the rest of them.

  • Brian G - Congratulations!

  • Paige - What amazing pictures of your new family! So happy for you all!

  • Oscar - Beautiful baby, love the bucket picture. Grandpapa (Cartwright) shared with us here in Cincy. He has the biggest smile as he rush to the airport to see him.

  • Alynn - Congratulations guys! He is adorable!

  • Lauren B. - Those are the sweetest pictures! What a cute boy, and look at all of that hair.

  • Joshua Jones - hey Lauren, congratulations on being a mother! cute kid.

  • Amy - Nathan, I think he has your smile! Great pics!

  • Rachael C - Amazing pictures! I love the first one with his big smile.

  • Cindy - I love the picture of Thad in the bucket. If you look very closely you can almost see his halo.

  • Wade Johnson - Nice pictures Lauren and Nathan. Congratulations.

  • Jessica - He is beautiful! Can’t wait to meet the little guy!

  • Dale - Perfect pictures for the new, happy family – Congratulations!

  • Melissa - Aww. He’s so precious! Congratulations on your first baby! Hope we can see him soon!

  • Sara - These pictures are so cute! Love, love, love them!!! Congratulations!

  • Susan - very cute – looks like the both of you Congrats!!!!

  • Ryan Childress - Great pics… cute baby

  • Amy - Congratulations, he’s so precious! I’m so glad we got to meet him yesterday! 🙂

  • Vicky Wages - He is SO PERFECT! The pictures are wonderful & believe me you will cherish these forever. Great photographer…I will definately keep them in mind.

  • zachary kereji - Cute kid, cuz!! Nice pics. Congratulations!!!!

  • Nana - You take my breath away!!!! Thad is so cute my heart fills with joy and feels as if it will burst. Absolutely beautiful Mom and extra handsome Dad. Love you all and see you soon.

  • Aunt Cama and Uncle Bud - What a precious baby. A Great Grandaddy would say,” He’s a keeper!” The Parents are pretty good lookin’ too. Very content and proud. Congratulations to you both. All our love, Aunt Cama and Uncle Bud.

  • prissy Buchanan - What beautiful pics. Can’t wait to meet “the man”. Hope to see you soon. Congrats!!!

  • Ken & Desiree - That’s a bucketful of cute baby you got there!

  • Louis - Wonderful!

  • Aunt Emily - I am in love with my cute little nephew!!! He is SOOOOO cute!!! Good job mom and dad. :o)

  • Courtney - What beautiful pictures, and a beautiful little baby!

  • Zach&Dana - What a beautiful baby!! Congrats to you both. Wonderful photography!!

  • Kim - What gorgeous pictures! He is absolutely precious!