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We’ve known Brayden’s Mimi for years, and we’re honored she chose us to photograph him and his dad.  His mimi bursts with love for this little guy….so cute!

  • Gerusa Agosti - I love your work!
    I’m so happy that I found your website/blog.
    It’s lovely, sweet and beautiful!
    As we say here in Brazil, when I grow up, I wanna be like you!


    Best regards,
    Ge Agosti.

  • Dawn Alvarez - OMG What a doll!!! Looks like you’ve captured his innocence!! Love it!!

  • Dawn Alvarez - Beautiful work!! What a gorgeous pic of father and son!!

  • Dawn Alvarez - OMG Sooo cute!!! You’ve captured his innocence he looks like an angel!

  • jennifer alvarez - Those are great. He looks so cute!

  • Erica - You captured his little personality so well in the black and white series and the image of him looking out the window is precious!


Aggghh!  Cute!

  • Sara - What cuties!

  • Michael - What a beautiful family!

  • Audrey Robertson - Seriously – these are fantastic! Just love them both for different reasons. We’re going to look into Angela for Foley’s pics.

  • Emily Jacks - Absolutely beautiful – all three of you! She has an amazing talent of capturing really precious moments.

  • Tracy - Little Monkeys! Love the tail 🙂 YOU look great, too, Sara!!!

  • Regena - What darling little boys! Watch out Mom and Dad!

  • Colette - Still small, but “growing personalities” before our eyes! Hope to see more photos soon!

  • Andrea Helm - What great photos!! Love those nephews of mine…

  • Anna M. - Love, love the pics! And look how big Henry has gotten! Go, little Friedmans! 🙂

  • Dora - I love these! thanks for sharing.

  • Stephanie - I love how these turned out – just beautiful!

  • Deborah Caldwell - What precious babies! They are both absolutely beautiful and so is Mama!!!

  • Thomas - such a dapper little gentleman and a monkey you have there

  • Laura - So adorable. I can’t believe how big they both are!

  • Christy - These pics are so precious! Makes me wish we had more taken of Riley when she was itty bitty!

  • Peggy - Just Beautiful! Beautiful!

  • Brooke - These pictures really bring out their personalities! Makes my heart melt!

  • Daniel - Great shots look forward to seeing all of them

  • Daniel - Looking forward to the rest!

  • Mistye - OMG – I want a side of baby checcks to much on please!

  • Brette - Love those sweet boys!! Such great photos!!!

  • Sarah - So sweet–baby Friedmans! They are both getting so big!

  • Janice - What beautiful babies!! Photos are gorgeous!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  • Grandpa Marc - Great, great photos of two wonderful grandsons. Love the all day suckers. Matt teaching Henry early to follow in big brother’s footsteps. Can’t wait to choose some images to buy!

  • Grandma Susan - Beautiful children and beautiful family!

  • jackie - Too cute!

  • Cheri - Love the pics

  • Nicole - Cute

  • Michele - Love the pics

  • Gaga Kathy - Love our handsome grandsons!


Oh look at the little chin dimple on this pretty girlie!

  • suzie forsberg - these are fantastic pictures! i cant wait to hold that little claire again!

  • Julia Broadbent - So sweet, I can’t wait to see the full set this afternoon!

  • Kathleen Blanchard - Julia- She is truly beautiful! You and Brian look fantastic as well. Hope the recovery is going well and to see you soon!!

  • Missy - Too cute! Can’t wait to meet her!

  • Hannah Chan - These pictures are so beautiful!!!
    Love to all,
    The Chans
    (missing Texas)

  • Lisa - Beautiful photographs! They capture her perfectly!!!

  • Carol Miller - The joy of Claire is so evident in these photos! I can’t wait to see more.

  • Jillian Cook - Very cute pictures. Cant wait to meet her!

  • Pamela Marshall - So beautiful and precious!! Y’all are very blessed 🙂

  • Hope - What a gorgeous family 🙂

  • Paul Miller - It must be a very imaginitive studio.

  • Risa - Claire is so precious…I love these pictures!

  • Meghan brooks - Beautiful pics!

  • Best Dallas Baby Photographer - Thanks Angela. The photos were amazing. Watch me link back to your website with my comment.

  • Katie - Oh these are so precious! Love sweet baby claire!

  • Stacey Browning - Awwww – the first one is my favorite. You have SO much fun ahead!!! Don’t blink. You’ll miss it. It really does go thTHAT fast! 🙂 Congrats.

  • Jennifer - She is such a beautiful baby!

  • Sara - Claire is the most precious baby girl!! I love her and I am so blessed to be her Godmother!! xoxo


We loved getting to meet with these cuties.  So fun together!

  • Kim - Awesome pictures! Two very cute kids!! Charlie is getting so big and I love Lilly’s smile.

  • Candace - What a precious family! Love these adorable pictures.

  • Charles Novel - These two make you smile all over and without a doubt bring a cloudy Wednesday a lot of sunshine. Wonderful photography.

  • Kristen - Adorable photos – can’t wait to see the rest!

  • Leslie - WOW!! Look at those honeys. Charlie’s eyes are so beautiful and Lilly’s smile is infectious. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Grammie - Beautiful pictures of my beautiful grandchildren!

  • Alycia - What precious pictures!!

  • Donna - Great job capturing their sweet personalities.

  • Ron - So cute!

  • Kristen W. - Amazing photos! Charlie’s eyes and Lilly’s smile – both are so beautiful.

  • Dana Bennett - They are adorable!

  • Mandy - OMG, these pics are great. Look how cute Charlie is in a pair of jeans! Lilly is beautiful!