Monthly Archives: May 2011

Time is running out to vote for your favs!  Voting ends tonight!!

If you have just 10 seconds, you can vote in the D Magazine Best of the Big D!  Just press here and vote away until the end of the day today (Sunday)….once an hour if you can!  It is really soooo easy from your iPhone or Blackberry.  Much quicker than on the computer, so no excuses for those friends listening to the Indy 500, watching the Byron Nelson, or hanging out at the lake!  😉

We are on page six, the very last category….but make sure to vote along the way for some more favorites.  I especially suggest voting for Renee Rouleau in the facials category and Matthew Tulley Hairdressers in the salon catagory.  Thank you to everyone who has voted the past couple weeks, and has endured my semi-constant campaigning!

We’d be hard pressed to find a more fun or adorable family in the world!  And their awesome Aussie accents only endeared them more to me!  Oh what fun we had in the field on this day.  Best of luck to this cool dad who is hard at work playing in the Byron Nelson Championship this weekend!


Sweet Avery with her mom and dad are up next!  What an adorable little thing she is!


Get ready for a bunch of new posts!  Playing catch up around here…’s been such a busy spring!  Here are our friends Dean and Elyse, who we have known since Dean was a bump in the belly….