Monthly Archives: April 2011

When a photographer sees that she gets to work with 7 week old twins (the age at which most babies characteristically do not sleep or even act content in the studio) PLUS their 22 month old sister…..well, lets just say she quakes in her boots.  These little angels surprised us by being so sweet….the twins even snoozed a bit at the end!  Little Siena was a newborn the last time we saw her (with a beautiful full head of hair back then too!) and she will be a great big sister to these little ones.


Little Hunter is just about to turn one, and we had a great time hanging out with him and his parents last week in our newly found morning photo spot.  It is so dreamy!!   Oh we are LOVING these beautiful outdoor shoots lately!   We have a precious few field appointments still available before the inferno begins around here.  Make sure to call Matt asap if you’d like to squeak onto our spring calendar!


Miss Zoe and teeny baby Zachary….you are so dreamy!  Zoe looked just like Zachary does when she was a newborn, and now at just 2 years old, she is a wonderful big sister.  I am continually amazed at how blessed we are to see such beautiful families grow through the years!