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When a photographer sees that she gets to work with 7 week old twins (the age at which most babies characteristically do not sleep or even act content in the studio) PLUS their 22 month old sister…..well, lets just say she quakes in her boots.  These little angels surprised us by being so sweet….the twins…

  • Fredricka - Gorgeous photos. The twins are adorable, and I love their big sister’s golden locks! I love your work, Angie!

  • Marilyn Taylor - How sweet one of each

  • Marilyn Taylor - Twins are such a blessing. & to birth a boy and a girl is even more of a blessing.


Little Hunter is just about to turn one, and we had a great time hanging out with him and his parents last week in our newly found morning photo spot.  It is so dreamy!!   Oh we are LOVING these beautiful outdoor shoots lately!   We have a precious few field appointments still available before…

  • Betsy deVenny - What can I say! These are beautiful. We are so grateful for both Angela and Matt capturing these beautiful pictures for our family! You are both truly amazing!
    Many thanks,
    The deVenny’s

  • Angela - So glad you love them Betsy! You guys were so much fun to photograph!!


Miss Zoe and teeny baby Zachary….you are so dreamy!  Zoe looked just like Zachary does when she was a newborn, and now at just 2 years old, she is a wonderful big sister.  I am continually amazed at how blessed we are to see such beautiful families grow through the years!

  • Emily Busath Murdock - WOW. That family is so beautiful, and these shots are absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the one of the little guy perched on his daddy’s arm. So sweet.

  • Stephanie Wind - wow. just gorgeous.

  • Trevor Dorroh - Thanks for your brilliance Matt and Angie! We have truly enjoyed working with the two of you and are impressed by the great work you do.

  • Fredricka Dorroh - LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos! Angie, at the time of booking I told Matt that I couldn’t wait to see our family of four through your lens. I am soooo pleased! And the photos of the kids are gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos!!!

  • Vernon Blanson - God bless your family! The pictures really are amazing.

  • Sharni of Nappy Shoppe - Beautiful photographs! And you had such lovely subjects too!

  • Julie Harris - I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a more gorgeous family … inside and out! 🙂

  • Rhasheda Boyd - Love these photos! Amazing work!

  • Amy - Gorgeous! What a beautiful family! I can’t wait to see more.

  • Leslie Lytle - Gorgeous pictures and what a beautiful family!

  • Erecca Witt - I love love these Ricka!! Amazing!!!

  • Wendy Chudy - WOW! Those are AMAZING!!! Love them all.

  • ArtsyNina - Wow. These are fantastic!

  • Janice. Connolly - I love these photos!! You have such a beautiful family. I love the one of Zoe kissing Zachary. The one with Zoe by herself is gorgeous. She has the most beautiful eyes.

  • Michelle Combs - These are the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen. What a beautiful Family.

  • Tymesha Franklin - What a beautiful work of art… God bless you all!!

  • Casey Veiseth - These are GORGEOUS Ricka!!! What beautiful portraits of your beautiful family!

  • Michelle Shibilski - The photos are incredible. The poses are so natural and absolutely stunning. You have a beautiful family.

  • Laura Miller - Wow–the photos are beautiful!

  • Ashley Taylor - Wow Ricka what a beautiful family you have. Those photos are stunning!

  • Evie Smith - Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  • Bramndy - Love the photos!

  • Amy B - What great pics Ricka!! Such a beautiful family!!!!

  • Susan Small - These photos are delightful! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful family with me, Fredricka.

  • Jessy Abercrombie - Ricka and Trevor..Congrats on Zachary! These pictures are amazing. I can’t get over the one of Zoe kissing her baby brother. What an amazing family! The family picture is priceless..I love the closeup of the faces.

  • Peter - What amazing pictures. Congrats to your family!

  • Heather E - What stunning photos! Beautiful family!

  • Heather Conway - What an ADORABLE family!!!

  • Angela - Those turned out beautifully! I love the family pic and the one of Zoe kissing Zachary the best.

  • Renee - Love this family! So beautiful!

  • Kara F. - BREATHTAKING!!!!!! I love this family…so beautiful!

  • Brittany O. - What a gorgeous family! Congrats!

  • abbi turner - Beautiful! What a gorgeous family they are!

  • Juli - Simply precious!! The moment was captured perfectly!

  • Daphne - Absolutely precious!!!

  • Jennifer Fraga - Simply AMAZING! You have one beautiful family!

  • Heidi - Love these! Beautiful family and an amazing photographer!

  • Keisha Rivers - Absolutely beautiful!!! Those photos are breath-taking, gorgeous!

  • Amy Jerke - wow!

  • mable hall - WoW! You did a great job of capturing the exquisite beauty of the family. The pictures of the baby are exceptionally beautiful.

  • Genevieve Wilson - I LOVE these pictures!! You guys are so cute! I have to get Angela’s info for Ethan! Congrats on baby Zachary!!

  • Joyce Smith - Precious Moments!!! A Beautiful Family! Angela does wonderful work. I am looking forward to seeing more pictures soon. Love you Dorroh family!!!

  • Alysia - These pictures are absolutely beautiful!

  • Nana Leona - These photos are breathe taking. This is truly a family put together by God Almighty! How perfect.

  • Mandy L - What beautiful photos – and such a gorgeous family!

  • Anthony - Stunning!

  • Julie - Those pictures are UNBELIEVABLY precious!!! I love them all!

  • kate - OMG! As always…you all make a gorgeous family….and the new addition….he is handsome!

  • kate - p.s. you need to enter Zoe’s photos in a baby contest….she could be the next Gerber baby / toddler!

  • Malissa Henrie - Absolutely STUNNING pictures!

  • April - Lovely family. Zoe is going to be a great big sister.

  • Chantil - The pics are beautiful. Awwwww Zoe and Zachary Love You!!!!!

  • She'Wanca - I’m speechless … the pictures are STUNNING!
    Such a beautiful family.

  • Tracy (She'Wanca's friend) - Amazing Photos!!! You have a beautiful family!

  • evelin lara - wow! Bellisimas fotografías! Excelente trabajo!!!

  • Jackie - These are sooo beautiful Ricka. Gabby found this site and told me about it. She wants to see you all when you come down. WOW, These pictures are wonderful.