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Lovin’ all the newborns lately…cannot get enough!  Some sort of a January baby boom has been going on…. Jimmy is Jake’s older brother….a major cutie pie.Are you kidding me?Anytime when dealing with a 22 month old and a newborn……there’s a fair amount of trickery involved.  Success!

  • Jane - AAHHHH…each one cuter than the one before. precious pictures!

  • Troy - Wow!!! Every single one of these are amazing. Y’all did an awesome job! Jimmy can’t wait to see “Silly Matt” again. Ha!

  • Mary weeks - Those r amazing and so precious!!

  • Natalie - Troy, they are absolutely beautiful!

  • Becca - I love them!! They are so precious!

  • karen c. - Gorgeous pics! I especially love that boot shot!

  • Rita Mobley - These are to sweet love love love them!

  • Phillip Slape - Great pics!! Two good looking boys in spite of their father.

  • Paula - O my gosh! These are the greatest pics! You had great subjects!!!!

  • David Berry - wow! too cute. get back 2 work soon, 529b & UTMA’s are needing to filled for those little guys. dave

  • Katie - You guys are miracle workers! These are amazing!

  • Tiffany - These are gorgeous! They capture such precious moments!

  • Dana - great pics! Love those boys!

  • Mimi Henry - These are absolutely amazing pictures! They capture the true essence of these precious little ones!


Meet little Ella and her brother Michael.  It’s always the ones that make us work the hardest that melt my heart into a puddle in the end….

  • Nate - Incredible Angie! I love these three.

  • Ashley Nadeau - What gorgeous pictures, thank you so much! You truly are the baby whisperer!

  • stephanie wind - Oh my goodness. The one of them embracing each other is too much for me. LOVE IT!

  • Bapcie/Deborah Jaskolka - These are unbelievable. I just love them. Amazing job getting them to pose like that.

  • Auntie Doreen - Ashley and Michael, those babies are just too precious. I love how the photographer captured them. Love you All.

  • Dianna Miller - The pictures are so adorable they left me speechless…so beautiful!

  • Auntie Brenda - My most favorite is the 1st one, I love how it captures 2 different personalities! 🙂 Love & miss you all!

  • Jill Callahan - Oh my gosh–what precious babies! I can’t wait to show Emilia and Annabel.

  • Meredith Kinman - Absolutely perfect! Great pics. Can’t wait to see the rest of them! I love Ella’s hair.

  • Shanna Fowler - SO precious! I just love the one where they are hugging…so sweet! The pics are amazing.

  • Paige steenerson - Wow what fabulous pictures I love the little hats.

  • Andrea McCallister - What little angels! I am sure you will cherish these sweet pictures!

  • Catherine Buzzini - Amazing pictures!!! They are TOOOOO cute! I love the hats 🙂

  • Bertta Herstein - Simply perfect!

  • Suzanne Irish - Love those hats! Ella and Mikey are too darling.

  • MJ Brolhorst - I can’t get enough of Ella with out a hat on – that first photo is totally amazing.

  • Sara Warnsman - My jaw is still dropped. What beautiful children and pictures!

  • Laran - OMG!! Nadeau twins are adorable. I love the one of them hugging each other. So sweet and precious and perfect!!

  • Missy Morrissey - Love the pictures! What sweet babes. They’re absolutely beautiful Ash!

  • Jenn Barefoot - Beautiful babies!!!

  • elizabeth cornelius - such incredible pictures. i love the one of them hugging!

  • Shannon Smiley - How adorable, Ashley! I can’t believe all of Ella’s dark hair!!!

  • Alison Traubel - They are breathtaking! I love naked pics! COngratulations!!

  • Michelle and Walter Fawcett - The pictures say it all….God has truly blessed you both with the most precious gift of all. Enjoy every minute of this precious “bundle”- they grow up way too fast! Congratulations!

  • Emily Matz - LOVE these pictures!! Ashley and Michael, Your twins are BEAUTIFUL!

  • Claire Pearson - Oh, my gosh!! That first one is just so precious. They all are. Always. You are just amazing!

  • Jenn Shuff - These photos are fabulous! What beautiful babies!

  • Vicki DiTusa - What beautiful,sweet babies! Love all the photos! Congratulations!
    Love to you all.

  • Jaimi - OMG! those are the most amazing pictures EVER!!!!!!!! They are BEAUTIFUL – it is just surreal!!!!

  • Connor - I LOVE the hugging one. Soooo sweet. They are both beautiful.


This youngest of three finally has her own dancing series to hang on the wall.  Beautiful, sweet, sweet girl…

  • Amy - Thank you Angela!! You got her–tongue out, funky dancing Evie–I love it! So thankful for you.

  • NayNay - adorable photos of our sweet & precious EE

  • Ty - yep…that last picture (well all of them actually)…you got her

  • Erin - She looks darling! It will be impossible to choose…

  • D.F. - Wow, what great pictures, don’t know how you bring the personality out so well….but keep it up!

  • Meredith Covington - Oh my word! Evie is so beautiful and you have captured her adorable personality so well!

  • Ashley - Evie: darlingest of the darling (and I’m a VERY biased new mom). And you, Angela: We must meet. You must come to Colorado and photograph my child. The runner-up darlingest of the darling. Stunning, stunning work. I have always wished I could be a better photographer, and your inspiring output is the reason why. Well done.

  • Angie Buja - I love Amy’s humility & humiliation:) also evie is precious–

  • Audrey - I must say I lOVE LOVE LOVE these photos…totally Evie, totally adorable.

  • Mary Shannon Ratliff - Oh my! Could you be any cuter? I am totally biased, but absolutely adore this child, like she is mine. Audrey, you nailed it – totally Evie!!!!

  • Laura Spangler - Wow!! These pictures are incredible!! You captured the many faces of Evie … So so so cute!!!! You could not have hoped for a better photo shoot or a cuter subject!! 🙂


Seeing these sweet girls every year really makes us smile!

  • Kassy - Your girls are so cute! Rowan looks like you, Sheri, and Quinn looks like Wade! Love the pictures and can’t wait to babysit!

  • Amanda Harris - They are so precious! I love the closeups! They are absolutely perfect!

  • Walsh - They are getting too big too fast. I haven’t seen them in a while. We need to get together for popcorn and soda’s.

  • Jackie Wilson - What great photos! They are precious little angels!

  • Athena - Unbelievable how much these girls have grown. I keep telling Sheri that I’m so glad she’s able to stay with them because I can see how happy, healthy they are. These photos can be used in magazines – just gorgeous!

  • Danna - Most adorable grandkids I ever saw!

  • Nonie - I love the pictures. The girls are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  • Rachel - SO cute!

  • Kyle - Preciously adorable guys! Can’t believe she caught such a good picture of them when they were just looking outside.

  • Wade - Wonderful pictures as usual. You guys continue to amaze Sheri and I each and every time.

  • Sarah - Sheri- they are growing up too fast! They are such a perfect combination of you and Wade!

  • Nonie - It looks to me like Rowan’s eyes are brown and Quinn’s are blue?
    I love my beautiful great grand daughters. Ann

  • Tommie - These are the prettiest nieces I have! Angela always takes the best pictures!

  • Lindy Jolly - Sheri, your girls are beautiful! They grow up so fast. Little Quinn looks just like you ~

  • Terri - What beautiful nieces I have!

  • Melissa - Too cute! They are growing up fast!