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jalen + mia + santana

Our second shoot last week in San Diego was a family that we have known….ummmm….forever!  Love seeing how they grow each year! We were super excited to incorporate their dad’s rad car in the photos too…

  • HONEY - Oh, my. Aren’t my babies beautiful? I well up with pride EVERY year when AW takes their photos. Makes me sad that J. is at that ‘serious’ age, but he is still so handsome. M. and S. will hopefully never get that way! They are both so silly right now. LOVE IT!!!
    The three of them are the loves of my life!

  • mona - GOOD LORD!!!! Everything came together with this brood of babies!

  • Rudy - Cool shots. Very different. Everyone looks great!

Madison + Mackenzie + Mason

This favorite family waited through the rain rain and more rain in San Diego last weekend…booking an extra night at the {amazing} hotel and changing flights to go home a day late….and it was SO WORTH IT!!!  We LOVE  these guys.  I mean REALLY love them.  We have photographed them since the girls were 3…

  • Tira J - Ah! These images are so great! I have LOVED watching this family grow (up) on your blog. Really not sure where on earth A is going to put these pictures because her home is already filled with your beautiful work times 100. Can’t wait to hear what she does with these beautiful images. xoxo

  • HONEY - I LOVE the family shots. What a beautiful family! I can’t wait to see my friends again in the spring! Everyone is so photogenic!!!


Long time no blog.  I mean REALLY long time! I so wish I could catch up a bit and show our amazing families some peeks from their sessions from the past couple weeks…there have been so so many!  I had the highest of hopes for blogging past sessions as we traveled as a family to…

  • Farrah Braniff - AMAZING! As always! These are so beautiful. The BW of the two of them in the towel is a masterpiece. That better being going on your wall! 🙂

  • Tira J - You & Matt have two BEAUTIFUL children! I agree with Farrah in that the BW of them in the towels needs to go somewhere. I think it would be a great canvas in the bathroom. Glad you enjoyed your stay here in So Cal, even though the “polar bears” were out. xoxo

  • Jules - looks like a great visit to the del! it’s so pretty during the holidays!
    gorgeous images of your very beautiful children.

  • Angela - thanks girls! means so much coming from you three! yes, that pic in the towel is my fav by far too…..can’t wait to get it up on a wall somewhere….but for now it resides as the wallpaper on my computer. and THAT is the one place these days I will see it the MOST. lol. 😉

Mary Grace + Miller

Today was our last field shoot for a little bit…….so many fun ones this year!  Thought I’d show off this cutie pie family we got to see last week.  We hadn’t seen these guys since Miller was just a tiny guy.  Now look at ’em!  Oh and Miss Mary Grace….a gorgeous big girl in Kindergarten….


LOVE me some sweet chunky newborn!  This doll baby’s mommy brought us so many adorable etsy hats to use (and even left a couple behind as a gift….THANK YOU!!). The favorite hat, of course, is the tiny camo one in honor of his uncle serving with the Marines in Afghanistan.   Thank you brave uncle…

  • Rita Hudgins - Adorable just a doll.

  • Shelly - The only more beautiful than those hats is that precious baby! Amazing images!

  • Julie Tipps - My little angel! The sweet note about my brother made me cry. Thank you for that! Thank you for these amazing pictures. You are really the best EVER!

  • Debbie - Just a beautiful little angel! He’s is so precious. Love your work – these are wonderful pictures.

  • Pam Johnson - OMG, such precious pictures.

  • Bob - Looks like a little Banker. We need to get him a little suit and tie..

  • courtney - precious – he is this cutest thing ever! love the one in the bucket 🙂

  • Janie - Absolutely precious!

  • Syndy Chatfield - Gunner has got to be the most beautiful, perfect baby I have ever seen!!!!!! What an angel!!!!!!!!!!

  • Traci Hess - cutiepatootie!!!!! He is so adorable….

  • TIFFANY FAYKUS - What a doll baby! I LOVE these pictures and can’t wait to meet my newest little cousin!

  • TIFFANY FAYKUS - Caitlin thinks he is SO CUTE! Your Florida cousins love you Gunner!

  • Wendy Wagley - A bucketful of cute….just want to give that little butt a squeeze!

  • Brandon - Thank you Angela and Matt for posting these pics so everybody could see our little man. They look great, and I bet the other ones are good too.

  • April McKinney - Sweet baby Gummybear.. Oops!.. I mean Gunner bear! 🙂 These pictures are so adorable Angela! You do amazing work! and cute hats Julie! Brody needs one!

  • Tarah Garcia - Love the bucket photo 🙂

  • Patti McCormick - Such a precious and beautiful baby. EXCELLENT photos!

  • Patti Powell - What a beautiful baby!!! Love the photos. Thanks for sharing your little angel with us.

  • Carol Smith - These are just darling pix of Gunner! What a doll!

  • Kevin Porter - Male modeling career already??? He’s got time to change his career I guess. 🙂 Very Cute!!!

  • Becky Hughes - Beautiful pictures of a precious little Gunner!! Thank you for sharing these with us.

  • Nancy Kindle - These are so sweet and to capture such special poses!!
    He is just adorable and the photographer did fantastic work.
    The bucket is my favorite also…but it’s a close 2nd and 3rd on the others.

  • Debbie - My precious grandson! Isn’t he just beautiful! Beautiful photography!

  • Amy Jerke - what a beautiful baby! the last photo is one of the best and most vivid of a baby i have ever seen! love the classic, yet different, colors used and love the chair! i want to have another baby just so i can come get some more wonderful photos! haha

  • Kristin - Precious boy! Amazing photos Angie….as always!

  • Shannon - They did an amazing job, Gunner’s pics are beautiful and I love the bucket one and the one with the red chair!

  • Amanda - I seriously can’t deal with the cutest going on above. That last one with his legs folded under…and those lips…sound asleep…love love love! Awesome pics!!!

  • Brenda Cagle - God and Gunner’s parents created a beautiful baby boy and a gifted photographer has captured these treasured pictures of him. Priceless!

  • sharion brumbelow - AWWWWWWWWW!! A Star is born!!!!!So, So precious!! BTW….does he sleep all the time? He sure looks content!!:-)

  • Kasey - These pics are amazing!! Baby Gunner is just too cute for words. 🙂

  • Steven - Julie,

    Gunner is so precious. You and Brandon are blessed. I want to see more pictures.

  • Frances Stanfield - These pictures make your heart ache. I know you enjoy him.

  • Peggy Hintergardt - Absolutely stunning Julie! I cannot wait for Blake to meet this handsome little guy 🙂

  • Leslie - Jules, he is SO precious! Amazing pictures!

  • geri - he’s PERFECT 🙂 love these!!

  • Janet Metcalf - Brandon and Julie you did good! I hope you bring him around so that Sandy and I can see him in person.

  • Kim Berry - WOW! What a precious blessing from heaven! He is beautiful.

  • Kristin - SO stinkin’ cute!!! I love them!

  • Jolene - These pictures are so sweet. Love them…..

  • Nancy - Gunner is the cutest nephew in the world. These pictures are amazing. His camo hat came from Pickled Lily:

  • Jean Meador - God’s beautiful handywork. Great photos.

  • Marcie Kirkpatrick - I do not know Julie or Brandon (how proud you must be)….but I know how beautiful Debbie is (and always has been….for her entire life)….these are the most precious photos I have ever seen.
    All of my love and best wishes for this blessed baby Gunner…he is an angel.
    Marcie Kirkpatrick

  • Jeff - Somehow he keeps getting cuter by the day – what a beautiful little baby!

  • Amanda Marsh - BEAUTIFUL PICS! BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY! Congrats Julie! You will cherish these gorgeous pics for a lifetime and look back in a few months and not be able to believe he was this tiny and new!

  • Kim May - Brandon he is absolutely adorable! He looks just like his daddy! I wish I could hold him! I know you are so proud! You must bring him to Colorado to see us!! Love ya!

  • Andrea B - WOW Gunner is the cutest most sweetest baby!! These picture are amazing!! Love being his “aunt” Andrea!!

  • J Poland - These photos are amazing. They give me the impression that I am meeting Gunner across the screen. He is a “Special Edition” from the Father’s workshop!
    Blessings to the entire clan through this child.

  • Becky S - Those are the best photos I have ever seen!!! Gunner is precious!!

  • Jennifer Lindsey - Ok, so wish I would have brought more hats with me and that Kingston could have fit into that little bucket!

    Very cute pics.