Monthly Archives: September 2010

How has it been a whole year since we’ve played with pretty Reese?  We ALWAYS have such a blast with this family!

Get ready for a mega-post!  This was a REALLY  fun session.  The connection that five year old Mercer has with his older bro and sis is just amazing.  (Angus is a senior and Remy is a junior in high school). Check out how much fun they have together!  It was all I could do to not post the wedgie pictures we got at the end of the session.  Anyway, thank you Angus and Remy for being SUCH good sports!  I know you made your mom very proud!

Oh Boy.  It has really taken me WAYYY too long to get this blog post together!  Matt and I traveled last weekend to Carmel, California to photograph this amazing family.  Again!

Just thinking about how they have trusted us to document their family ever since Spencer Grace was a newborn……and how they fly us all the way to their beautiful California home to continue this tradition……well, it’s just overwhelming.  We are really  honored to have  followed this family through the years and to call them friends.   At one point during the weekend, Will and Elle were convinced we were somehow their relatives…maybe  an aunt and uncle that pop up every so often with cameras? Anyway, it was a cute conversation we had over frozen yogurt in Monterey after our first shoot exploring Cannery Row.

Anyone ever curious how we get kids to really let loose, have fun and be themselves during photo sessions?  Here ya have it.  As all our families know,  Matt is every kid’s best friend……and our secret weapon!

We decided to not photograph on the beach this visit, since there are so!many!amazing!places!to!photograph in and around Carmel, and we did the beach last year.   So, since the family is friends with a really cool farmer and vintner, Peter, we had the unbelievable experience of shooting in a vineyard!  A dream come true for us.  The Carmel Valley is famous for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and Peter’s winery, Figge, produces some of it’s finest…

After our time in the vineyard, the kids were




Over it.

Ready to get to their friends birthday party and eat sugar.

BUT…….on our drive out of the vineyard, what did I see?  Hidden out of view behind a bunch of bushes and covered in pine needles?  Something that Peter didn’t even mention he had on the property but very well might be the BEST EVER PHOTO PROP IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE?  Behold, what nearly gave me a heart attack from excitement and what made me get those kids out of the SUV one last time and get their photo on….again…..

They did it.  They rallied.  We had an epic day at a gorgeous location, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the experience of getting to know these sweet people even better.  Thanks guys for always trusting us.  You are the best!

Matt and I are back from an absolutely wonderful weekend in California, spending time with one of our favorite families.  We’ll be very busy this week!  Getting ready now for a sweet newborn in studio, then later our first Dallas autumn field session……

In the meantime, here’s a peek at what we saw.  Gorgeous.