Monthly Archives: August 2010

I loved getting to know these guys.  The conversation went something like this:

“Oh you play violin professionally for the Dallas Opera?  I’m in awe!  I played cello forever!”

“Oh you are studying to be a chiropractor?  I love chiropractors!”

“Oh you’re from Indiana?  I’m from Indiana!”

“Oh you used to live in Chicago?  I lived in Chicago!”

“You studied jazz at the University of Texas Dallas?  Our framer’s son is studying jazz at UTD.”

That last one was sort of a stretch.  But you get the idea.

First and foremost, this adorable couple is expecting a precious baby in a couple months.  And as much fun as we had together this week…..I have a feeling it will be even sweeter the next time.

And HOOOLLLLAAAA for the first time in I-don’t know-how-long-it’s-not-been-110 degrees-and-we-can-go-shoot-outside!!!!  Ninety-five degrees has never felt so refreshing….

Hey Hunter, whatcha so happy about?  You’re just 7 weeks old…..and most kids your age don’t exactly grin all day long!  (or have such amazing eye contact—-for*the*entire*session!)

Oh…I see!  Who wouldn’t smile with such a pretty mommy?

Two week old sweet pea Emery traveled quite a ways for her newborn session.  She lives with her mommy and daddy on a horse farm……check out her teeny weeny spurs!  Love it….hope we can visit her there some day when she’s old enough to ride….

Baby Micah, chillin’ on her fifth day…..

Love this sweet hat her mommy brought!  I just couldn’t decide what wrap combo I liked the best…..Oh that hair is the BEST!!