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Katie (7)+ Makena (22 months)

These sweet girlies belong to our friend, Gina Alexander…..of handbag fame.  We had a great time in the field last weekend, creating some fun images for a bunch of new handbags!  There were too many pics for a blog post, so make sure to check out the little video!    

  • heidi @ indy photography - oh my goodness, that is so stinkin’ cute.

  • Amy - those colors are sooooo yummy!

  • Stephanie Wind - I love her little nose showing through the bottom of the sunglasses – so cute.

  • Tira J - Wonderful images! Gina’s girls are so flippin’ adorable!

  • Anneli - A'la Foto - Wonderful picture with amazing colours! She is cute! :O)

  • Heather - Priceless. Especially the reflection not having the photographer in it!

Trevor (8) + Claire (1)

We have really been loving the little yellow wildflower field lately!  Friday was a gorgeous day to play with adorable Claire and Trevor…

  • Flora and David-CA. - Dear Trevor and Makena(Claire), you are such beautiful and happy children. We love you! Auntie Flora and Uncle David.

  • Anneli - A'la Foto - Beautiful pictures! Love the colour in them! Lovely!

  • melissa - These are gorgeous, as always! I love all of these collages. Do you do them in photoshop?

  • angie - Thank you Melissa, I laid these collages out in the program InDesign. It is also what I use to do my album layout. It is Adobe’s graphic design layout software, and is wonderful.

  • Soniya - You’re so talented. Love the colors! Cute kids.


I am tragically bad at processing, printing, and sharing the images I take of our own family.  I have so many in this computer….they just need to get out!  Here are some snaps from a morning a couple weeks ago.  The bond my kids have with their cousins is so amazing, and we love watching…

  • Nate Henderson - Hey Angie, Laura and I are so often like you: take all these family shots, then never show them to anyone or get any prints! Love to see all the cousins growing up together; I’m hoping my brother and sister in law “hurry up” so our kids aren’t 10 years older than theirs!

  • heidi @ indy photography - love them!

    and…please know that you’re SO not alone.

  • Lisa Ellis - Wow!! These look beautiful, the kids have such a great time together and these photos capture that… They do better and better each year at getting there pictures taken! Maybe by the time they are 16, they might really enjoy it!!
    Thanks so much Ang for taking these, love ya!

A few more….

…a few more captures of twins, Hudson and Addison.  I know their mommy is coming in just a couple hours to see everything, but I couldn’t help but share a few more of these cuties… And then we went outside to a beautiful patch of bluebonnets right down the street.  These are true Texas spring…

  • Michele Cannon - Oh, I just love the bluebonnets photo. It couldn’t be more perfect for Texan springtime babies!! And they look just as peaceful out there as indoors. What precious kiddos.

  • Amy - Love them all but that last shot is AMAZING!

  • alison mahay - seriously angie, tatum and I are looking at the blog and we just don’t even think these pictures can be real, truly amazing!!!! can’t wait to get our next ones done, think we can borrow someones baby, or maybe we can sit in the tub in the middle of the flowers together without our grown kids : ) Those babies are so beautiful!!!

  • Tira J - I am in love with the last image Angie! I am sure their Mama cried when she saw them.

  • Amy Siniscalchi - Your work is always gorgeous, but that fourth one is absolutely stunning.

  • admin - thanks everybody!

    Alison, you crack me up… and Tatum in a tub in the bluebonnets… cute!

    Bluebonnets are one thing, but photo’s on a vista overlooking the mountains of Sedona, now that’s another. Oh wait, we did that last year. Have we thought about this year yet? 😉

  • alison mahay - I think about this year everyday! We seriously need to figure it out! Tat and I were hilarious with measuring tapes and ladders through her house last week – Going to do Kelly’s order with her this week too! I really wanted the Beach, but we may need to trade the older kids in for some of these cute new models ; ) although midnight feedings would put me over the edge!!!