Monthly Archives: March 2010

So, less than 24 hours before this photo was taken, the ground was covered with 6 inches of snow.

Texas.  Go figure.

These adorable two came all the way from Kansas City for our session together.  Matt and I can’t wait to travel up to them in KC when Mr. Man is born in June.

It was our first outdoor session of the spring!!!  And believe me, when we woke up Sunday to a winter wonderland, I was a bit concerned that this Monday session would happen the way I envisioned it would.  But again, this is Texas….so the plan went off without a hitch.  In 72 degree weather, no less.

I so so so love photo’ing body art!!  I have a special admiration for beautiful artisan work considering one unfortunate incident when I was 17 years old.  Think 3 girls with fake id’s getting hideous hip tattoos to secure friendships before college.  Mine was a world….you know, because I was really environmentally conscious, duh….that turned out rather like a smooshy green and blue jigsaw puzzle.  It was removed when I was 25.

Now I just love to admire others’ work done by true professionals (considering mine was done in a shop while reclining in a lazyboy with John Cougar Melloncamp LP covers stapled to the wall as decor.  Maybe that should have been our hint.)

Without any further ado…. here’s beautiful Miss Andy (and Mr. Man)….

Thank you guys!!!  It was so fun to hang out with you, and we look forward to June!!!

Sweet baby Leila’s mommy did such a great job of bringing fun knits and props to her session…

This adorable car is a gift from her daddy.  Leila was clearly speaking to me with her eyes, “So seriously, lady.  You want me to go to sleep, get squished up, put my arms under my chin right on the edge of this car….and stay like that while you take a picture?  Um, no.  Thankyouverymuch.”

ahhh- much better.