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Cade (6) + Ava & Ashley (7 week twins)

Ohhhh….What doll babies. This photo makes me giggle.  Cade is SUCH a very good boy, and will be the best big brother ever to these girlies…

  • Shannon - Unbelievable pictures. I tried choosing a favorite, but they are all so great. I guess I’d have to give an honorable mention to the B&W hands, but still can’t pick a favorite.

  • Kristi - These photo’s are amazing… So beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes.

  • Kendra - Oh, goodness! The girls look so adorable and Cade is such a good big brother!

  • Uncle Ryan - My nieces are cuties! Can’t wait for my pictures.

  • Papa - Precious 1 and Precious 2! I love my grandbabies!

  • Tanner - I love my cousins. These are great, Aunt Kiki.

  • Alex - My cousins are cute!

  • Mike - I love these picture’s! I am a proud Dad…

  • Elizabeth - Mike and Kristi the babies are adorable! These picture’s are unbelieveable….

  • Janet - Angie, these took my breath away. Truly. I’m still trying to catch it back here.

  • Michele Cannon - The girls are beautiful! I love the pic of them holding hands.

  • Glen Blair - Wow. Great photos of the beautiful additions to your family. Congratulations again. Cant wait to see them in person.

  • Shannon Nelson - Kristi,
    Such sweet pictures. Cade is such a cutie with his new baby sisters. I love the picture with the twin girls cuddle up with hats on. Angela and Matt are incredible with color (among other things, of course!)!

  • Danielle - Cade’s blue eyes are amazing. You can tell how much he loves those babies.

Colin(2) +Lucas (7 mos)

We had such a fun time with these sweet boys!

  • Shannon - Love these shots. Especially the last one, it’s just got a certain life to it.

  • Brad - How cute! We can’t wait to see the rest.

  • Rene - I just can’t stop starring at the Lucas’ one, my sweet brown eyed boy 🙂

  • La Shell - Such beautiful pictures. You really captured the happiness of those two boys!

  • Casey - I love these! Colin’s toothy smile is contagious in the first photo. And the second photo of Lucas is simply gorgeous. Such beautiful boys!

  • Johanna - These are great… the one of the brothers makes me happy just looking at it!

  • Stephanie - Beautiful pictures.

  • Gramma - Greatest, cutest grandkids ever!

  • Melanie Gamble - Colin and Lucas are adorable. Lovely photographs!

  • Karen Shippey - The boys are beautiful !!! I love these photos.

  • Sarah Atwell - Just beautiful pictures of your boys! I know you’ll treasure them. 🙂

  • brent tucker - Amazing! Very cute kiddos! I know their mom and dad are proud!

  • Helen Watson - What fantastic photos! You can almost see them breathe and hear a little giggle.

  • CJ Reed - Hey these two babies are just too handsome. The photos are awesome!

  • kate - Beautiful boys! Thanks for sharing.

  • Sara - Awwww….such cute boys! Adorable smiles.

  • Elizabeth Cannon - What wonderful photos. Precious boys!

  • Josh - They look so much alike. Cute boys!

  • Casandra Finlay - The pictures are AMAZING!

  • Ashley - Ah, I just love Colin’s infectious smile! These are so sweet.

  • Donna Bishop - Lucas and big brother Colin have grown so much as the photo captures!
    Precious boys!

  • Donna Bishop - Lucas and Colin are growing so much and the photo captured them perfectly!

  • Angie - I love the picture of Colin looking out… Adorable!!!

  • Debbie - Awesome!!!! I love these pictures. They are all good but the first one is my favorite.

  • Donna - Absolutely the most adorable kids!! Wonderful photos.

  • Sherri - Those are all great! Those are two sweet little boys!

  • Rian - Great pictures, Rene! Your boys are so precious!!

  • Uncle Kenny - Can’t wait to see them soon. Great photos!

  • Erin - I love all of them, but the last is my favorite. 🙂

  • Stacie - OMG Love the one of Colin laughing!!

  • Pa - Great pictures and even better kids. I would like to know how they were able to get those smiles in the first picture?? I like them all!!

  • GG - Two handsome little men. Love to all. GG.

  • Emiley Carter - OMG! These are SO Great! Look at those sweet boys! Can not wait see them again, hopefully soon!! Love you guys!

  • George Rodriguez - These are so good do they come with a free picture frame?

  • Nicole - Lucas’ face is just too precious and Colin’s laugh is contagious!

  • Larry Snyder - Wow they sure do grow up fast. These are great pictures of the boys.

  • Jen Corpus - These pictures are PRECIOUS. Lucas and Colin’s sweetness couldn’t have been captured any better than this! I’d love to do something like this with my kiddos. 🙂

  • Cliff - Great shots, looks they were enjoying the day.

  • Gramma L - Love those grand babies, such sweet smiles.

  • jennifer lira - These pictures are awesome!!! I love the one of the two boys together.Their smiles make me smile!!

  • Mieke - Great pictures!! Really captures the moment ! These boys are so adorable .


So, less than 24 hours before this photo was taken, the ground was covered with 6 inches of snow. Texas.  Go figure. These adorable two came all the way from Kansas City for our session together.  Matt and I can’t wait to travel up to them in KC when Mr. Man is born in June….

  • Wendy Ellis - These are absolutely beautiful, Angie! I especially love the water reflection image. Stunning.

  • Shannon - Those are some great photographs. I love the way the Tattoos look. I think the reflection one is my favorite.

  • Michele Cannon - These are gorgeous. How you capture color the way you do is beyond me. Everything looks so much more vibrant and alive. You and Matt truly have a God-given gift.

  • Kaseymckayerwin@mac. - Wow. Of course, everything you photograph is portrayed it its best light – no pun intended. But, when you have body art this beautiful – breathtaking artistry. I hope you got the name of their artist!! Remarkable art in photography and body.

  • andy & jeff - We love them!! Can’t wait to see the rest =)

  • Jeff - We think they turned out great! We personally wanted to thank you for the session, it was a lot of fun! Can’t wait to see ya again around the due date

    – Jeff and Andy

  • Anya Coleman - Gorgeous shots!!!


  • Christy - So beautiful! what do you do to keep that beautiful blue sky from blowing out?

  • Kristi - These photo’s are so amazing and beautiful!

  • Jen Mulligan - Ok Angie, these are my new favorite outdoor shots!!! LOVE LOVE that first one 🙂

Leila (10 days)

Sweet baby Leila’s mommy did such a great job of bringing fun knits and props to her session… This adorable car is a gift from her daddy.  Leila was clearly speaking to me with her eyes, “So seriously, lady.  You want me to go to sleep, get squished up, put my arms under my chin…

  • Shannon - Love that first picture. It’s sooo cute. I can’t believe my 3.5 month old was that small 3 months ago.

  • Stephanie Wind - These are simply divine.

  • Diane Kracht - This are precious! I guess she is not ready to drive yet!

  • Rebecca Kracht - Beautiful little girl!!

  • Mary A. Sariego - Enjoy the peace and quiet while you have it. Clamor cometh! She is a precious child, Ryan and Michele. What a blessing she must be to your lives.

  • Donna (Leila's grandmother, DeeDee) - What an angel! Cutest pictures I have ever seen! I could just eat her up!

  • kathy voigtsberger - These are so very precious to you now! They will be EVEN MORE special in the years to come. She is so absolutely beautiful. I cannot wait to see her in person!

  • Rachel - Fabulous pics!

  • Lynda Walker (DeeDee's friend) :) - Omigoodness!!! The sweetest pictures! I love them!!

  • sunni - so precious! can’t wait to meet her!

  • sammi bice - holy majoly these are adorable:)

  • Gail Chandler - What a precious baby girl! These photos are great.

  • Alyssa Pierce - These pics are great! Leila is so sweet and I love the outfit in the first picture!!

  • darrah - these pictures are adorable 🙂

  • Ms. Tina - What a precious little girl.

  • Anna - She is so cute. Love the last one.

  • Michele Cannon - I’m already in love, and I’ve only seen 3 of the pictures so far! I’m definitely going to have to get a tutu picture… And the one with the bear hat… And the one with Daddy’s hands. (The thumb looks fantastic, by the way!) Hmmm… What am I to do?

  • Christina Danner (Nina...then Aunt Stina...then finally Aunt Christina) - She is more beautiful than I could have imagined…and the pics capture it!! Love them, love her, love her parents!! =)

  • Jesse Danner - Great pics!

  • Kimberly - She is an ANGEL! I love her hair….absolutely beautiful…she will be the envy of all the girls!

  • Becky Brushingham (Jesse's favorite sister) - OMG! Those are beautiful; it almost makes me want to have another baby just to get newborn pictures like these!

  • Ravonne Allmon-Smith - So cute….Such a blessing

  • tamaryah - she is soooo beautiful!:)

  • amanda - i love her shes so adorable!:)

  • Ryan Cannon - The most beautiful girl on the planet!

    Thanks Angela and Matt for doing such a great job!

  • Sarah - She is so adorable!! The pictures are so precious!!!

  • admin - thanks for bringing Leila to us Ryan and Michele, it was our pleasure to photograph such a sweet little girl! She has quite the fan club!!!

  • Aaron Wells - Angela, you did such an amazing job! What an adorable baby!

  • Nicole Lawrence - Wow, absolutely beautiful!!! 🙂

  • Renae Jones - She is the most beautiful girl we could have ever asked for. I am so excited about my niece Leila and the pictures are beautiful.

  • Chad Moss - I Like the Pictures. Especially the hat one and the one with Ryan’s hands.(That man has Hairy Arms though!!)

  • Donna - She’s adorable. I finally got to meet her yesterday and she’s an angel.

  • Heather - These are just too precious!

  • Pam Moss - These are gorgeous! I think my favorite is the one in the pink tutu. The contrast of her dark hair against that pink is beautiful.

  • Latessa Roby - She is adorable. I know you guys are proud.

  • robert - what a doll. love the tutu

  • Chris - So sweet.

  • Marie - I can’t believe how much she looks like Michele!

  • Jim (Poppy) - That’s my granddaughter! What a blessing she is!

  • Jim (Poppy) - Think I may have miss-typed my email last time. Just wanted to make sure I put the right one.

  • Aunt Dell (Danielle) - She is perfect. These pictures capture her beauty. I have shown this blog to anyone who will stand still long enough to look at it.

  • Dwight Edwards - Absolute beautiful child and GREAT pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eva (4) + Drew (7)

Cutie pies…

  • Tara - I love them Angie! Thank you!

  • Cheryl Stevens - They are so sweet!!!

  • Kari Gormley - What fantastic shots. The kids look/are beautiful!

  • Shannon - Wow, those are some really great shots!

  • Kathryn - They are precious little mini mi’s! Who wouldn’t fall in love with those baby blues?

  • Lane - Fabulous pictures of such sweet children! Wallpaper your house with the photos, Tara! These will be treasured forever!

  • Donnie - Almost a full smile from Eva… and she let Drew kiss her – shocker!

  • Uncle Mark and Aunt Diane - Very cute pictures (they look so innocent)! Thanks for sharing.

  • Grandma Prince - Beautiful pictures of my great-grandchildren.

  • tad - Simply beautiful!

  • Laura - They look so sweet! We’ll have to get some pictures for the house.

  • Kelly - Drew and Eva are adorable?

  • Linda - Aren’t our grandchildren beautiful..and loved by so many people.