Monthly Archives: February 2010

Joseph+Emma (9 week old twins)

Such sweet babies celebrating a milestone…yesterday was their actual due date and they are doing just great!

  • Micheal Vaughan - Oh so cute, we are blessed. XOXO, Micheal

  • Mimi & PaPa - I just fell out of my chair. I’m going to kiss all their fingers & toes, ears, tummy and anything else I can find when I see them tomorrow. Cutie Pies..

  • Leti Hernandez - Life is truly a miracle and I’m looking at two beautiful ones right now. Thank you, God!

  • Anya Coleman - There images are priceless!!!I love them so much!!!

  • Wendy - God is great! What priceless pictures!

  • Susan Palmer - Two precious little miracles – sweet blessings from Heaven captured so beautifully! Cherish every minute – congrats to you both!

  • Laura Rychlewski - Wow! They look so beautiful! I can’t believe how big they are now. I just want to squish on them! These pics are wonderful! I’m so happy for you, Terry and Jeff!! xxoo

  • Schanette - You and Jeff are so very Blessed!! They are precious, beautiful and truly a gift from God.

Lauren (6)+ Ally (4)+ Braden (2 weeks)

Our sweet friends have a new baby!  Lauren is a good buddy of our Ava, and we have loved getting to know her family the past couple years.  Mr. Braden is just so kissable… beautiful mama…

  • Lacey - Gorgeous photos & family! Love the clothing colors in their family portrait!

  • Anya Coleman - It’s breathtaking!Good job!!!

  • Christa L - THANK YOU SO MUCH for capturing God’s blessings to our family in these photos. You are truly gifted and have made us all look our best! Dan and I were saying how we’re going to have a very difficult time picking our final photos… Looking forward to see the rest!

  • Kristin McCuller - Christa told me to check out their family photos online …. WOW! Baby Braden is a cutie patootie! I can’t wait to see this little precious angel in person for myself!

  • Heidi @ Indy Photography - My goodness, I have not visited your blog in weeks! What is wrong with me?!

    I love love love that full family picture! SOOO BEAUTIFUL!

    We’re visiting TX in a few weeks, so please ask God to give us nice weather. 🙂

  • Claire - Your work is just amazing. Everything is just so classic and fresh and wholesome. Beautiful work. I bet all your clients just love you. 🙂

another Everlee snap….

I’m working on her album, and I could not pass up sharing this pic!

  • Anya Coleman - Shi is cute. I really enjoy your blog.Thanks.

  • Amanda - so this baby just has me all mushy and i just wanna eat her up! Her family prolly thinks im a baby stalker since I always post comments on her pics but seriously they just don’t get much cuter than this! And i went and looked up the announcement and newborn pics.. BEAUTIFUL!!.. To everlee’s mommy and daddy: You got a heart breaker on your hands.. she is one gorgeous little one!

happy happy day

What an amazing weekend we had!!!  After building the world’s greatest snowman on Thursday night, we awoke to a FOOT of snow on the ground on Friday!!  Surely a gift from God, as this is Dallas people!  I have so many more pics to share, but thanks to inspiration from my friend, Ruth, we put…

  • Stacey R - So jealous of all your snow! Love the card! You signed it with such a sweet font! Do you mind sharing what font you used? Thanks!

  • angie - thanks stacy, the font is called “coral”

  • Stacey R - Thanks, Angie!