Monthly Archives: December 2009

Hello out there!!!

Ahhhh…I’m starting to feel it!  Life back to normal!  Life with a wee bit of sleep and the occasional yoga class.  Life with a home cooked meal, mixed with a little shopping at the mall!   Life snuggled with 2 kids on the couch and a Christmas movie.  Yea!

All the cards (70 orders.  WOW!) have been designed, printed and mailed.  Thanks to our wonderful office assistant, Amy….and Matt’s complete lack of any sleep over the duration of 3 hours since November…production of all things photo and card related is (get this) almost DONE!  And, a HUGE shout out to James, our super retoucher, and our new man on that job, Ryan.   Never before have we been able to fill so many last minute Holiday print orders.  It is so awesome to have such an amazing, well-oiled machine to work with.

So!  I am way behind in blogging, of course.  How about a peek at this little beauty and her ge-orgeous parents?  Baby Ella is such a gift!




Oh!  And these new hats are from my friend, April Lowe.  Her etsy site is called Lillebarn and is chock full of wonderful stuff!  Please check her out!


Excuse me as I dust off this poor, unused blog.

Please don’t judge me for being a total blog neglect-er.  There’s been 68 custom made holiday cards designed (most nights till 3 am), giant  production mayhem in the studio, and a little side trip to Jamaica to blame for that.

{You read that right!  Matt and I sneaked off to Montego Bay to celebrate the 19th anniversary of the 21st birthday of our friend …..and sometimes production assistant….Kristi.   I WANNA GO BACK, MON!!!!}

BUT!  We have photo-ed so many cuties and Miss Alistair’s sweet mommy has been chomping at the bit to see some previews from our shoot last week.  So without any further delay, here she is!

Oh the eyes on this little beauty!