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Three more families from our Arizona trip!

Here’s the “motherload”  (literally, mom’s van has MTHRLOD as the license plate.  ha!)  These six kiddos are way fun and we looove getting to see them each year.  They get around!  They live in Arizona, are from California, dad plays ball in Toronto, and his team spring trains in Florida.  Mom is legendary for flying the whole crew from here to there and everywhere!  For all you photogs out there….this doozy was shot at TWELVE NOON!  My brain was about to explode….

here’s Andrew+Bryce+Aunalilia+Jace+Junior+Aubrielle in Sedona



Then, back in Scottsdale we met some new friends.  Here is Blaze (9)+ Ty (4)…




And then we met up with Berlin (2) at her brand new home…




Hello Arizona peeps!  I know you’ve been stalking for a while now, waiting for a little peek from our time there together…..and oh my there is sooooo much to show you.   Five awesome shoots…and too many great images to choose from.  I am a bit overwhelmed with all we got… I’ll start with this one post of the Mahay’s,  the sweet friends who hosted us and treated us to such a great time.  Ava and Cal miss you all already and we can’t wait for next time!

Sit tight, everyone else….more to come!  I am in holiday card design full throttle madness around here!

Here is Madison (10)+ Mackenzie (7)+ Mason (4) in gorgeous Sedona, Arizona







Thanks so much to Heidi in Indy for the little prod…..yes, the blog has for sure been on the back burner the past few weeks!  There just are not enough hours in the day this time of the year…but we sure are having fun.  (if not a little too busy, but that is a great problem to have I guess!!)

We are currently on an amazing trip to Arizona photo-ing some of our favorite baseball families.  We have been in Sedona the past 2 days, and oh my gosh it is heaven on earth.  We had 2 shoots here today, and have a few more in Phoenix before we head back home to Dallas right before Thanksgiving.  Anyways, images to come later.  Matt and I have done quite a bit of photo travel this past year, but this time we actually brought our kids with us!  Ava’s school is out for the entire Thanksgiving week (so awesome!), so we made a little mini vacay out of the trip.  Our unbelievable clients have been so accommodating, putting us up in their home and at this beautiful hotel, buying them ice cream and souvenirs.  I think our kids want to be adopted.   Ava drew a picture of her “favrit stat (sic), Arizona” today.

Also, I have been in total design OVERLOAD, another reason for the supreme blog negect.  Oh man, these Christmas cards this year are so so so fun!  I think we’ve had 30 shoots since I last blogged one… bad, I know…..but here are a few snaps from the shoots the the day or two before leaving town:









Our new sister in law!!!!  Isn’t she LOVELY?

Lauren and Matt’s brother, Luke, are getting married in March and I had the honor of photographing their engagement session.  Lauren is not only the perfect soul mate for our man Luke, but she is a wonderful, uplifting friend to me.  Her beauty shines inside and out and I am humbled to call her a sister!

We have been shooting in this field EVERY NIGHT for the last 2 weeks…..yea for the great weather!  I have SO MANY amazing sessions that sadly will go unblogged, but as I sit here tonight getting geared up to design holiday cards, albums and proof sessions for the next few hours….well, I just could not hold myself back from posting these beauties.  Now BACK TO WORK!  😉