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Jamison (3weeks)

Here is sweet baby Jamison, with his mommy…and then with the blankies his mom was wrapped in when she was a baby.  Love it!

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  • Audra Parker - They look so fantastic we are so excited to see the rest on Tuesday.

Ryder (4)+Beau (2)+ Shep (3 wks)

We are three for three on newborn photographs of this sweet family!  Thank you guys so much for trusting us to these images….it means so much to us and we loving seeing  your little men grow!

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  • beth mcfarlane - Wow!!! I love love love them!!! Thank you so much for your time on Monday. . .these pics are perfect!!

Emma (5)+ Chloe (3)

Back at it!  I am sure there will be a time this holiday season when I need to give up my ferocious type A mania of keeping up this blog and let the sneak peeks fall to the wayside.  But I’m hanging in there for now.  Sleep?  Who needs sleep anyways? Oh, check out these…

Josh (6)+ Jacob (3)

Last blog for a little bit.  Phew.  Still lots more to go. Love*These*Boys.  Just do.  Can you see why?

  • Lacey - Aw, they’re cuties and you can tell they are super happy kids!

  • Rachel - Angie and Matt – these are so great!! You really captured their spirits – we cannot wait to see the rest!!