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Matt and I just got back from an awesome trip to California to photograph one of our favorite families.  These guys moved from Dallas to Carmel over 4 years ago, but have stayed great clients and friends.   Here’s just a peek ….more to come!

  • Megan - Oh I can’t believe you were in California! I was just telling my husband that we will have to plan a trip someday to have you photograph our family! Shucks!

  • admin - aww…thanks Megan! Where are you guys in Cali?

  • rosegail leatherberr - If this is any indication of the pictures that you made of the family, I know I will be having a very difficult time with my selection. RoseGail

  • Megan - We’re up in Sacramento–not nearly quite as beautiful as Carmel.

  • Anne Story - Bill, your family is absolutely beautiful and WOW the photographer!!!

Olive (2 weeks)

Miss Olive arrived bright eyed to the studio and her parents warned….”She doesn’t sleep and she’s fussy when she’s awake.  Good luck!” Well, we sure showed them, huh?  🙂  Good job sweet sweet baby girl!

  • Megan - I’m an aunt of Olive but I live in Ohio and don’t get to meet her until Christmas. Thank you for such beautiful pictures!

  • Millie - I don’t know what kind of voodoo magic you worked, but these pictures are truly stunning! Our Little Olive couldn’t look any sweeter. Thank you so much! We can’t wait to see the rest of them!

Taylor (4)+Trey (6)

OhHaveMercy. We have seen this family….like 11 or 12 times though the years.  We’ve lost track.  But since  Trey was a bump in the belly, these guys have felt like family.  LOVE THEM!  And for years we’ve been wanting to shoot them here.  Can you see WHY???? How awesome are these hot shot kids…..Taylor who…

  • Lacey - Whoa! Hello Model Family! Gorgeous shots! I greatly enjoy your work!

  • Tira J - Angie! These are fabulous! I sure hope they order a few canvas prints, especially the one of them all holding hands in front of the red wall. Awesome urban shoot with a gorgeous family. 🙂

  • Lesley - This session is fantastic! What a great looking family, and awesome job capturing their style and love!

  • jane - LOVE the urban shots! What a beautiful family — all of these are magazine-ready photos!

  • Cherise - Oh My Goodness! Absolutely Amazing. All I know is that the Cheatham Family Rocked It! Love you Tif, Skip Trey and Taylor.

  • aretta - these are hot!!!! you guys look amazing and the photographer did a great job capturing this moment in time!!

  • Jen - Absolutely amazing… love them all – but the boys love Trey’s dance moves/shots the most!! And Miss Taylor, what a little diva… taking right after her mother! Love and miss you all!

  • Phil (Pop-pop!) - These pics are just awesome! To see the kids not just grow but blossom and the family really enjoy being together is priceless. The urban background and settings made this a work of art! ‘High 5’s’ to all involved.

  • Asha - Beautiful pictures for a beautiful family! Angela, you do amazing work…you have managed to capture the spirit of the Cheathams:)

  • Amanda - Such awesome shots, Angie! What a gorgeous family. Was this down in Deep Ellum?

  • jen - This is the prettiest family I’ve ever seen. ALL of them. Holy cow Angie, these are amazing!

  • Angie Baxter - Angie, these are BRILLIANT family photos – a very true capture of their obvious spirit, and inspiring work for photogs to view. Thank you!

  • Julie Fraser - Your work is Awesome!!I love looking at your blog…Do you ever give out your locations to were you shoot?

  • The Cheathams - Wow, Ang & Matt!!! You never disappoint us!! We love EVERY single shot! Gosh, you are soooo good! How the heck are we gonna choose our pics??? We love you guys!!! Thanks so much!!!

  • admin - Thanks everybody….and Tif—you guys so rocked it! Thanks for a fun session!

    For everyone wondering, this location is east of downtown Dallas, called Deep Ellum. Wish I could shoot there every day! This was just an area around one corner of a very large, funky neighborhood.

  • kim - insanely good. what a freaking beautiful family!!!! so much variety and color and happiness!

  • Kimberly DeWeese - Tif – OMG. Trey just gets cuter and cuter. Seems like your little girl has grown up since tball. LOVE THESE!!!

Hannah (2)

How is it possible that Hannah is about to be a big sister?  Seems like last week I was photographing her as a little bump in mama’s belly….

  • Melissa - We LOVE them and can’t wait to see the rest! You are truly gifted and I am so so glad that we found you 2 years ago. We had so much fun in the park with you and Matt and can not get over how wonderful you both were with our Hannah!

  • Gwen - What wonderful photos of Hannah!

  • Christy - OMW! That firs shot took my breath away! Love it…and what a beautiful little girl!

Reese (1)

Check out this happy, adorable family!

  • Jeff Wender - Angela, Matt,

    Jody and I are speechless, but that’s what we come to expect when seeing your art!

    Now how long ’till we see the rest? Whatever you say, it’s too long!

    We can’t thank you enough,

    Jeff & Jody Wender (& Reese, who’s never speechless)

  • Julie - I have admired your work for some time now. I love it all! Above you said “fire away”, so I was curious about your favorite lenses for your natural light studio work, as well as your preferred lens for on-location shoots? Again, everything is so fabulous – keep it coming! 🙂

  • admin - thanks Jeff! We had so much fun with you guys and Reese and can’t wait to show you the rest! So cute, you’ll die!
    OH…..and for everyone else out there…..This sweet pea with the blue blue eyes? No photoshopping those bad boys! This is her real deal color! Amazing!

  • admin - Hey Julie,

    On this session, I used my 85 /1.8 mostly, but that middle shot was my 24-70mm /2.8. For most of my outdoor sessions, I use the 85, the 100mm macro for close ups and sometimes the 70-200mm /2.8 if I am up to it and my back is feeling good!

    PS for everyone out there that LOVES the 85 and the 50 /1.2……I finally broke down and rented the 85 /1.2 this weekend! HATED IT! Focusing is too slow for me, weight too heavy and just generally too clunky. I am so so so fine with the image quality at 1.8 and 2.0 on my current 85 and see no need to spend $2000 on the “hot” lens of the moment. SO….I suggest renting these bad boys before making the plunge to make sure it’s a good fit for you!

  • Christy - Thanks, for the advice on the 85. I’ve been thinking I’d like the /1.8, but wondering if I’d regret not going for the 1.2.

  • carol - I was wondering about your preferred lenses too. Are you shooting Canon or Nikon?

    As always, your work is so beautiful and inspiring.