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Erin + Scott + ?…

….a sweet baby girl

  • Lisa Cheek - Love them! You guys look great!

  • jaton - GREAT pics…what a beautiful couple!

  • Erin Calaway - Thanks Angie. These are great. We can’t wait to see the rest on Thursday!!

  • Adele Rothenstein - Erin-You look great!

  • Jody - wow…Rachel is growing. You and Scott look great. Looking forward to seeing you soon:)

  • Kelly Matthiesen - What a beautiful couple….I’m so happy for you guys!

  • kim - i think i just might have found my new favorite family photographer! your work is amazing 🙂

Harper (5)+Luke (2)+Merritt (6mo)

Cuties from Houston…

  • Andrea - These are great! We had a wonderful time with you at the studio. You always capture the best shots of our kids. Thank you.

  • Jason - Matt and Angie – these are amazing. Thank you for hosting us at the studio. It is a remarkable place.

  • Andrea - These were such a nice taste of the awesome pics that we were able to view yesterday in the complete proofs. We are thrilled… now it’s so hard to choose. 🙂 Thank you.

Luke (5)+Jack (15days)

It was a big week for Mr. Luke…..starting kindergarten and getting a baby brother.

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  • Brenda - Angie,
    You are so awesome! You captured the essence of my Luke so well! The pics of the baby are just perfect! Can’t wait to see the rest!



Started this session in the studio, but my fav’s are from the field.  It was H*O*T!  Thanks to H&H’s mom and dad for trusting us that photo-ing in 100 degree heat is a good idea!

Cullen (17 days)

A sweet, sleepy little guy

  • Allison Mosley - Oh my gosh Amy! He’s perfect! I love all the pictures! Thanks Holly for sharing them!

  • Amy Jerke - so precious! CANNOT wait to see all the rest!