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Ian (8 mos)

OK, I am so late in posing these for our sweet, sweet friend Jen.  She was our amazing nanny/production assistant for 6 years before this precious little man was born.  Daddy is about the biggest Cowboys fan in the universe, so of course Ian is sporting his baby jersey!

  • jen - You deny it, but you’re a magician! He was a stinker, and these are beautiful!!

  • Blair Blanks - Love these! I am seeing so much growth in your work are on a ROLL!

    Now, where can I get one of those multi-colored rugs? LOVE that! =)

  • Dan Johnson - Angie, your photo’s are like art ! Amazing I love what you do. Thank You so much !

Everlee hanging out

We took a bit of a break last week…..but boy will I have a lot more pics to post soon! When Miss Everlee was here for her newborn session, mama really really really wanted a hanging picture of her, incorporating a bow that was used as decoration at her baby shower.  Everlee wanted nothing to…

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  • alison mahay - OK seriously, you are so making me want another baby – it is a good thing we both got fixed!! Can’t you find something cute to do with puppies?

Dad’s Day in Kansas City

We loooove our baseball families!  Some of our favorites have played on the Texas Rangers…and due to the nature of baseball….have since moved all around the country.  We were honored to be invited to photograph the Royals family day on Sunday.  It was a hot one!  But tons of fun.  Get ready for a LOAD…

  • Tammy - Those are awesome! What I love is the memories that were created for those families… amazing.

  • Nikki Smith - You are amazing… I need to have kids so you can take pics for me haha!!!!! The last ones are classic Mahay!

  • alison mahay - We have the BEST memories of Ron’s career because of you guys! We so so so love and appreciate you taking the time to come and do this with us! You are Truly Amazing!! I can’t even believe you have been photographing them for almost seven years now, and I still can’t understand why the girls are too big for tutu’s : (

  • Kimberly DeWeese - Oh my Angie – these are fantastic. The Mahay little boy is going to give those girls a run for their money! Great pics! Thanks for putting them up.

  • Julie Fraser - You did such a awesome job!! Their going to love these..

Noah(14 mos)+Joshua(8 days)

Sweet baby Joshua is just 14months younger than big brother Noah and I’m sure they’ll be best friends soon.

  • Christy - I really love your newborn photography. I’ve always liked it, but I admire it even more than I used to. I couldn’t wait until our baby was born, so I could play with him and get a little more creative w/ my newborn photography…but I just found out it’s even more challenging than I was expecting. I tried to do a pose like your first one here and just couldn’t get it to work. Sigh. I think I need to do more reading on posing.

  • admin - thanks Christy! For sure have a space heater near you when baby posing… really helps!

  • Lea Ann - Hiya,

    So one of my customers on Etsy just convoed me to ask if some of this was mine….and I am so happy to say that the green multi beanie and gray/fur cocoon are my handywork… how awesome to see it in action! Great photos I LOVE your posing and light! Beautiful little baby too!! Thanks for sharing these!

  • admin - thank you lea ann! I have had a few inquiries about where the knits came from! Beautiful work!! This is in reference to Everlee’s post….one below this.