Monthly Archives: April 2009

So alert for only 6 days old!

Alyssa’s daddy flies…

grandma has a rose garden…

mommy loves her beautiful girl….

{yeah!}  Alyssa sleeps….

Joshua is the last of the six-weekers we’ve seen lately.  Such a cutie.

Not really typical for a little one only 6 weeks old…..but…..Baby Joshua thought I was perfectly hilarious!

We were sooooo lucky this week!  All of the six-weekers went to sleep at the end of each session.  SCORE!  Again, not typical, and why we normally recommend newborns coming in when they are under 2 weeks old.  BUT….This little man rocked it!

{Sorry.  I just couldn’t help myself.  My mom emailed this to me today…I wish I could take credit for the picture though!}

Mr. Auty and his parents came all the way from Cleveland.  What an honor to photograph such an awesome family!