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Ana(3)+Antonio(5 days)

Antonio is just so brand new and beautiful!  Big sis is not quite sure about the whole thing, but Ana for sure loves her new brother.

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  • Miguel - Angie & Matt, these pictures are so incredible! love the one with Tony wrapped in the cup and the one with Ana. Thank you so much for your patience and attention, we can’t wait to see the ones with the family as well.


So sorry to this awesome family!  I am a bit behind on my sneak peeks this week.  We had a great shoot on Saturday….so fun!

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  • Kelly - Wow, I love those!!! My favorites are the ones with the mom – holding the baby and then the girl in her mom’s arms. Those are so precious. And that last one is so incredibly sweet. Fabulous job as usual 🙂

Wall-O-Canvas Numero Dos

Here it is!  Our long-awaited wall of canvases from our shoot this fall with Fred Egan.  This is our kitchen!  Yea!! Looking back into the kitchen… Next up, the canvas wall in the studio, due to be completed next week!

  • Ruth Williams - WOW perfect – I love it Angie!

  • FRED EGAN - Gorgeous! 🙂

  • susan - will you share the sizes of those – gorgeous!

  • admin - Thanks guys! Oh my gosh, Fred, we are so loving all the images you took of our family.
    Ruth and Susan, here are the sizes of the wraps starting at the top (I lay out these wall templates in Photoshop):

  • Lisa Ellis - Matt and Ang those look so amazing in the kitchen!! I cant wait to see them in person!!!

  • Jynna - Beautiful!!! This is a goal of mine, to have a wall of my family soon, I saw you posted the sizes of each, does the layout template include the extra area for the wrap around? I am just trying to make sure I get the picture all across the front and then I would love to do the colored sides like you did with the blue…Can you give me advice to make sure I don’t mess it up 🙂

  • admin - Jynna….
    The sizes I mentioned are the actual sizes of the pieces. From your lab you can get the templates for your canvas wraps. Typically, the edge border for a 1.5 inch wrap is 2 inches. It will make more sense when you see the template. -Angie

  • Maria - I love, Love, LOVE this! Great job! The different sizes work very well together!

  • Jynna - Thank you so much, I will be downloading the templates tonight!

  • Mindy - Ok, now i’m having major canvas envy! LOL! The kitchen looks amazing with that set up!

  • jen - gasp!!!! those are breathtaking on your wall! I think I just said, “OH MY GOSH!” out loud.

  • Christy - These look stunning! One thing I’ve wondered…what do people do with canvases once after they’ve been updated?

  • jane - BEAUTIFUL! can’t wait to see the wall in person!

  • Mel - Looks great, Ang! I can’t wait to see it up close!


This family is just the best!   So fun and relaxed and in love with one another. People ask me sometimes how I get kids to be so joyful and full of laughs in our images.  I’ll tell you what, 99 percent of the time, it’s not me helping that along.  As every one of our…

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  • Karen - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sneak peak! 🙂 I cannot wait to see all the proofs… I knew I could count on you and Matt to capture the moment!

Wall-o-Canvas Numero Uno

Many thanks to our awesome clients in LA who sent this image over today.  I was so bummed we couldn’t be there to hang these bad boys….but…count ’em up!  There are eleven large canvas wraps on that rockin’ wall. Booya! (Can you see on all the edges?  We matched them to the color of the…

  • Tira J - Oh Angie. These are stunning. I love how you matched the blue. Very creative. Can’t wait to see what’s up next.

  • tina r. - Love it! I adore canvases too 🙂 I need a display like this in my house