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Ella (7days)

Hello out there!!! Ahhhh…I’m starting to feel it!  Life back to normal!  Life with a wee bit of sleep and the occasional yoga class.  Life with a home cooked meal, mixed with a little shopping at the mall!   Life snuggled with 2 kids on the couch and a Christmas movie.  Yea! All the cards (70…

  • jane - I’ve missed viewing baby-wonders. Ella (and mommy and daddy) is a beautiful welcome back! LOVE the hats.

  • Shannon - I love that last shot. It’s so cute. That hat is awesome.

  • paige - angie – you are amazing!! great shots! we can’t wait to see the rest tomorrow.

  • Kimberly DeWeese - How can you only have 70 different cards this season? I personally received four different ones. I get such a kick out of the Weedon fans I create!! Glad life is calmer and back to the normal hectic!

  • Niko Williams - Hey there! Love your work! I was looking at this post wondering where you found those adorable hats, and then I noticed the link at the bottom. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your source – so nice of you!

Alistair (10mo)

crickets……..crickets…..crickets Excuse me as I dust off this poor, unused blog. Please don’t judge me for being a total blog neglect-er.  There’s been 68 custom made holiday cards designed (most nights till 3 am), giant  production mayhem in the studio, and a little side trip to Jamaica to blame for that. {You read that right! …

  • Rachel White - LOVE these! I can’t wait to see more (good thing I’m coming over tomorrow! :).

  • Toria Frederick - These are adorable! We have created a small Angela Weedon fan club just and had a meeting last weekend just so you know. It included three families you have shot and we just gushed at how much we love your work.

  • Jen - beautiful shots, Angie! SO glad to hear that your time away was good!! 🙂

  • Heidi @ Indy Photography - great to see you are back to blogging – albeit for only a moment. 🙂

Arizona Peek 2

Three more families from our Arizona trip! Here’s the “motherload”  (literally, mom’s van has MTHRLOD as the license plate.  ha!)  These six kiddos are way fun and we looove getting to see them each year.  They get around!  They live in Arizona, are from California, dad plays ball in Toronto, and his team spring trains…

  • alison mahay - Couldn’t even wait to open my eyes to see these! Peeked at 2:30am! You are AMAZING! not sure how you do it, but there isn’t one I don’t LOVE! Let’s start planning next year!!!!

  • tatum borowski - seriously……breath taking!

  • Tira J - Wow Angie! These are all so beautiful! I’d say that the shot at 12 Noon came out GREAT! Must be something about the Arizona sun. In Cali, not sure it could be pulled off. Did you use any fill flash for any of the images above? You are amazing!

  • angie - hey Tira,
    Yes I used fill flash on that second shot (leaf throwing), and most of the remainder of that shoot with the whole family together. It was a TOUGHIE lighting-wise, but the pics all look great (phew!) and I am excited to show them to the family.

  • kelly laird - SO NOT FAIR!!! what a tease!!!!

  • rachel logan - the MTHRLOD license plate is hysterical! and beautiful images from all these families!

  • Nicole Smith - I am speechless!

Arizona Peek 1

Hello Arizona peeps!  I know you’ve been stalking for a while now, waiting for a little peek from our time there together…..and oh my there is sooooo much to show you.   Five awesome shoots…and too many great images to choose from.  I am a bit overwhelmed with all we got… I’ll start with this…

  • alison mahay - OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Everyone is sooooo jealous! You are AMAZING!!!!

  • alison mahay - Tell Ava and Cal we all want them to come back!! They are terribly missed : )

  • Barajas Momma - Breathtaking!!!!!!!! What a beautiful family and a great job capturing their beautiful smiles!!!!!!!

  • Nikki Smith - OMG… You can’t only post 4 photos… I am dying to see the rest… Way to go… Angie You Rock… I so want you as a photographer…

  • Shannon - Wow amazing shots! I love the first Picture because it’s a great scenic shot and family shot. It has great personality. The locations used for all these photos are perfect. Amazing work.

  • Betsy Gload - Al- these are ridiculous. They made me choke up! They are absolutely magical!

  • Skye - Angela, your pictures are amazing, I love every single shoot you post! Such amazing locations and your lighting is to die for!

  • kelly laird - OMG seriously ridiculous!!! 😉 So BEAUTIFUL!

  • Tracy Allyn Croysdale - These are fantastic, Angela! I love that upside down shot! Such fun… love your work!

Not Dead, Just Busy

Thanks so much to Heidi in Indy for the little prod…..yes, the blog has for sure been on the back burner the past few weeks!  There just are not enough hours in the day this time of the year…but we sure are having fun.  (if not a little too busy, but that is a great…

  • Jen - Hi Angie! Sounds like Arizona is a blast for all of you! Enjoy! Can’t wait to see the photos! Love these, too, especially the first one and the pink converse shot. 🙂
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  • Heidi @ Indy Photography - satisfaction. 🙂