Monthly Archives: December 2008

Stay tuned for a couple more congratulatory notes…..but for now, lets hear it for the new Ryder Cup Captain, Corey Pavin!!!  We are so proud of you, this honor could not have been awarded to a more wonderful guy!  Congrats Corey, Lisa and little Alexis (and of course, Juicy!).

Daddy is an awesome baseball player and so the glove shot is in order!  We just loved this sweet little baby Rian and meeting her really really nice parents was a treat.  We hope to see Rian more as she grows!

Wow, here I am on my long-neglected blog!  We are enjoying some awesome family time in my hometown of Indianapolis and are looking forward to a wonderful Christmas.  Then we are off for a road trip to Dalton, Georgia for my dad’s wedding on the 28th.  But I wanted to show some long-awaited sneaks from our whirl-wind last week.

Here is precious Baby Taylor and his big brother Kane.  We have been so lucky to have photographed little Kane lots during is first year and a half of life….and can’t wait to follow this sweet family more through the years!

A very worthy diversion from ALL the work to be done tonight.  But I just had to share this site.  If in Dallas, surely you’ve seen all the billboards……i am second.  Are you?

{added….Dec 17….I am so so so excited that so many people are as touched and humbled by this site as I was.  If you have not already, check out the testimonies of Brian Welch, Steven Baldwin & Chris Pleckenpol.  ALL of the testimonies on this site are amazing, but these 3  for me really showed God’s greatness in a way that I cannot stop thinking about.}

Oh, we loved this little blue eyed beauty.  She has so many fun expressions and just a hilarious personality.  Thanks mom and dad for your patience!  I know yo’ve been checking daily to see these sneaks!  Can’t wait to show you all of them…..super cute!

OK, here are just a few funny expressions.  My favorite is the “Oh I’ve got a headache” one.  Literally, when daddy says that, she puts her hand on her head and looks all achy.  So funny!