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We are so blessed.  Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Christa - Beautiful

  • LISA PAVIN - Are these the crazy dogs??? LOL

    You guys look great. Wish my husband is a “natural” when it comes to posing but instead he’s a …..what was Angie’s words? A DORKO?!?!!? That still makes us crack up!!!!!

  • admin - Lisa…Haha!!! NO, no, no Corey is so not a Dorko! But yes, now you know my trick for getting the “natural” smiles and laughs out of the hubbies who kinda look at me like a deer in the headlights. LOL. And yes, these dogs are our crazies.

  • Ruth Williams - Matt & Angie you have such a beautiful family. I love these – they really capture your love for each other! My gosh the kids are huge!
    Angie – really its not fair that you are that beautiful 😉

  • Jennifer - these are beautiful gorgeous work!

  • Jen - good grief these are awesome! I love Cal’s face in the family pic 🙂

Alexis (11 mo)….in L.A.

Sweet Alexis had us out to her home last weekend…..and we got to visit the beach and her daddy’s favorite golf course, Riviera.  Being a PGA golfer, we got some serious access to such a beautiful course for family images.  The funniest thing… might think that having a baby on the 18th green or a…

  • LISA PAVIN - This doesn’t happen very often, as you guys have probably noticed spending this past weekend with us….BUT I AM ABSOLUTELY SPEECHLESS!!!!!! You have done it again. You have completely blown away any expections I had and beyond. Thank you so much for taking the time to travel out here to listen and see what I wanted to accomplish with our space.

    I can’t wait to see the rest and have you guys back again!!!!

    Lisa and Family

  • Mariah O'Brien - Holy sweetness!!! These are so gorgeous. Alexis looks as captivating as ever. The family photo in the Eucalyptus trees is truly breathtaking!!!
    Could I have put Kerry in those leg warmers……..maybe not? They look killer!
    Your fan,

  • Ruth Williams - These are *STUNNING*

Ella(4)+Kerry(1)….in L.A.

Phew!  Matt and I have had a whirlwind few days.  To glamorous LA and back we went to photograph a favorite family (more on those shoots to come…), and new friends too!  Ella and Kerry’s mommy is the fabulous interior designer for our client who flew us out.  We had a blast at Will Rogers…

  • Mariah O'Brien - Oh my!!! These are such beautiful images. You really captured their spirits. I can’t wait to hang these in my house! Thank you so much for spending the afternoon with us. It was a pleasure getting to know you guys. Go Indy.

    Mariah and Trae

  • LISA PAVIN - Having worked with Mariah since October 2007, I had only met Kerry when he was 3 months old and had only heard about Ella. Of course, through the months, Mariah and I would share many stories about our kids. Angela, wth these photos….you had captured exactly what I had been hearing about the both of them!!! The only thing missing that we always talk about….is Kerry stuffing his face with meat! LOL

    Thank you so much for fitting my friends in. I have a feeling this won’t be your last trip to LA!

    You guys rock!

  • gina - these are so amazing! i discovered your website through fred egan’s blog- oh how lucky i am!!!!!
    i’m pretty new to the business…and being able to see such beautiful work is very inspiring.
    i do have questions about some of your processing…may i email you?
    thank you for sharing your talents:)

  • admin - thanks Gina! Of course feel free to email me with ?’s, I am happy to help/

Aidan (11 mo)

Gorgeous baby….on the verge of becoming a little boy.

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  • Jen - I LOVE that first picture! It’s so…yummy…you should use it for something.