Monthly Archives: October 2008

Happy Halloween everyone!  Supergirl and Superboy had a fun time getting all sugared up and rampaging the neighborhood….some day I’ll get our own pics out of the camera to share.  They were so incredibly cute! But….for now I am on a mission to catch up on all these sneak peaks! Here is Mr. Max.  Oh…

Seriously, how could I choose?  There were too many favorites from this session, and the daunting task of prettifying each and every one was a bit too daunting this early morning hour.  So…..I give you a slide show version of some rockin’ proofs.  We have been photographing these guys since they were in mom’s belly….and…

  • Christy - Wow, these are fabulous. If I were the mom, I’d have no idea where to stop!

  • Kimberly DeWeese - Angie – Trey was on Parker’s tball team last year. Wasn’t until the end of the season that we figured out the Weedon connection. Beautiful kids and beautiful pictures. I may have to go buy the boys red converses for our upcoming shoot! : – )

  • Cheryl Johnson - oh my you certainly were not exaggerating – they are all amazing – gorgeous looking family

  • Cherise Johnson - Just fabulous! You gals and guys all look beautiful and handsome. And Tif why am I not surprised that you look like you are standing on two prefectly good ankles:)

    Angie- you have a true gift!

  • Amy Mitts - Awesome shots that perfectly capture the family! Hi Tiffany! I hope you are doing well! Time flies…Glad to see pics of the big kids!

Fall is awesome in lots of ways and a little painful in others.   It’s really fun to see all these amazing families again……I think about 90% if our clientele is repeat this season…..But with all these good times behind the camera comes lotsa production and late night (early morning?) computer work.   So, if…

  • Cheryl Johnson - wow you have been busy – yet each session looks fresh & inspiring

  • Dori - Hey! I know these people! These are beautiful!

  • Kelly - Hey I know those kids. Those are beautiful pictures!!