Monthly Archives: October 2008

Happy Halloween everyone!  Supergirl and Superboy had a fun time getting all sugared up and rampaging the neighborhood….some day I’ll get our own pics out of the camera to share.  They were so incredibly cute!

But….for now I am on a mission to catch up on all these sneak peaks!

Here is Mr. Max.  Oh my gosh, a kid could not be happier!  It was non stop giggles….  

Now most of the time I love to get a whole range of emotion….pensive, happy, sad, whatever a child gives me at that moment is just perfect.  But this guy?  Well for him….it was all happy, all the time.  Which is perfect, too.

Seriously, how could I choose?  There were too many favorites from this session, and the daunting task of prettifying each and every one was a bit too daunting this early morning hour.  So…..I give you a slide show version of some rockin’ proofs.  We have been photographing these guys since they were in mom’s belly….and I feel like we and our business have grown up right along side them.  Speaking of their pretty mommy…would you assume she is a hoss on the soccer field?  Well, we had originally scheduled an urban session for these guys, but a little soccer field brawl….a pesky ankle surgery….and a subsequent cast boot deemed a studio session a bit more appropriate.  With these guys……anywhere would make a perfect backdrop!
(if the transitions in the slideshow are a bit herky-jerky, let it download for a little bit more time)

Fall is awesome in lots of ways and a little painful in others.  

It’s really fun to see all these amazing families again……I think about 90% if our clientele is repeat this season…..But with all these good times behind the camera comes lotsa production and late night (early morning?) computer work.  

So, if you see me refilling my coffee cup around town, just disregard the giant dark circles under my big baggy eyes….and keep coming back here each day to see all the fun kids we’ve played with during the light hours of the day.