Monthly Archives: September 2008

…Some new items that would make PERFECT holiday gifts!

My new favorite handbag…the Koko Bag.  This one is so adorable and the leather quality is really yummy.  Check out the cute tie embellishment, and even though you can’t see it, this studio sample the cutest candy stripe lining.  Available in black (as shown) or chocolate brown leather, the image (or images as the case may be) can be b/w, sepia or color.


So…with the holidays around the corner, I guess this is not be the BEST time to debut my new favorite beach bag.  BUT the “My Everything Bag” is perfect for not only the pool and beach…but the gym, the library, wherever!  This durable bag is too cute with the candy stripe lining.  

We’ve had these in the studio for a while, but I have really been neglecting them!  These are the first official images of the precious “Lockitz” beaded image necklaces.  Available in this cool (real) turquoise or freshwater pearl, each strand is connected with sterling silver clasps and Lockitz’ signature bee charm.  The photo pendants are wonderfully light, mounted on wood.


Next, check out these beauties:


Our wonderful client Valerie Mosman makes these unique image transfer antiqued crystal beaded necklaces.  Phew.  That’s a mouthful.  These gorgeous necklaces are made from the finest hand chosen beads and strung with love by Valerie.  But what makes them so unique is the image that is embedded into the antiqued crystal.  From far, you can’t see it, but get close and an image of your sweet baby or kids comes to life within the crystal.  Valerie also fashions these crystals into Holiday ornaments, afixed with a velvet ribbon ready to hang on the tree.  



I found an awesome new vendor!  I don’t have the studio samples back yet, but trust me, you’re gonna love them!  The aforementioned items are all perfect daddy gifts: image cuff links, a very cool leather wallet with a small (read, tasteful…he’ll really dig it) photo embellishing it, and a leather image key chain.  I’ll have some images soon of these, I think in about 3 weeks or so.

At long last we see sweet, tiny little Ian and his loving parents, Jen and Evan.