Monthly Archives: August 2008

Yea!  Avery from Austin came all the way back to show off her new precious brother.  Thanks guys for traveling to come see us…it was such an honor to photograph your sweet family again.



Oh my goodness we had such a good time with this little man. So easy and happy! I typically just keep shooting till a baby lets me know that they have had *enough*.  But he just kept going and going and going…..happy as can be.  Mom and dad will be tortured with too many to choose from!

Two of our favorite big sisters came in to show off their adorable new baby…


Two funny brothers…..

Spencer is such a chilled out, happy little guy.  And Harrison is a bit on stranger-anxious side.  But bring Mr. Matt around, and every kid lights up…..bring on the bubbles!


A precious little man we saw last week….we saw his pregnant mommy a month ago, and we were so happy to meet his daddy this time.