Monthly Archives: July 2008

What an amazing time we’ve had the past couple weeks…..we are so thankful to our own family for sharing such a great vacation and for the fantastic families we photographed on the beach.  

Last night’s session was so great.  And since my own kids are going on their 3rd hour of an afternoon nap, I was really able to delve into the images and pull a lot of fav’s for the blog post today.  

(this morning…..our 15th morning here, mind you….was the first that our 2 year old didn’t scream, “No beach!  No ocean!  No sand!  No dolphins!” and actually went out and had a grand time burying his mommy’s legs in the sand and floating on an inner tube in the sea while watching daddy fish in the surf.  Where was the camera you ask?  In the house.)

At last, feast your eyes on this super fun family.  It was well worth the wait!  After a rain out the day prior, we had absolutely perfect weather for our last shoot here.  Allison(7)+Caroline(5)+Will(4) are a total blast we hang with at the beach!


After editing their images a couple days ago, I can’t believe I passed over this one.  It’s gotta be my favorite!  You can just see the love for each other and the fun they have.  It’s exactly the type of portrait I’d love to have of my own family….

Last night we were rained out from our last beach session… tonight is the night!  Our final hoorah here at the beach is rescheduled for just about an hour from now.  Let’s hope this rain I see outside the window lets up so we can have a great shoot with another awesome family!

The reason we actually came to Florida at this time and stayed at Rosemary Beach is all because of this fab family!  These good friends would go on and on and on….about the sugary sands, the blue-green water, the family friendliness of it all….till we said, “Enough already!  We’ll just go to the beach and see for ourselves!”  So glad we did.  This has been the best. 

Here is Riley(7)+Cooper(5)+Hudson(3) with their fantasmo mom and dad….

It so figures that the family that planned their beach sessions the earliest… the only rained out afternoon session!  But, we ended up having the most perfect reschedule ever…..check out these amazing blue skies!  We always have such a blast with Devon(5)+Dylan(5)+Caden(17 months).  And yesterday was no exception.  This is the first time we have seen Mr. Caden walking all by himself…..and every minute of the session he was beelining straight to the water. (Which would have been so fun to see the boys frolicking in the water, if it weren’t for those pesky double red flags flying on the beach..which mean absolutely no swimming.  The surf was incredible the past few days due to the hurricane in the southern gulf.)  Thanks, guys for such a fun time out at the beach.  And Shannon, great job on your dress!!! Love, love it.

I met Em Tanner the last time we were visiting Rosemary Beach…..I was scooping up her adorable Funky Tees at her trunk show at a kid’s boutique.  She is also a photographer….and also always behind the camera.  So we met her and her funky family at the beach for a very early morning session a couple days ago.   

Yea!  Pics of a mom photographer with her kids!  They do now exist!  

And check out the awesome tees she brought us and our funky girls:  (I swear there have been pics taken of our family during this trip……they are still in the camera and will probably not be even looked at for weeks.  Besides not having mom in images, this is another downfall of the photographer’s family….:) )