Monthly Archives: June 2008

Phew…it was a busy week last week, and I am a little behind in showing some peeks!  Here are some cuties we saw in the studio….

William (15 months)+his big bro (Mark, Jr. 5yrs.) and sis (Charlotte 3yrs.):

Cole (2 weeks)

David (8 months)

Ohh…scrunchy, sleepy, chunky Dylan! He was more than content to be our little piece of clay, molded and folded in his loving parents’ hands…





Oh my goodness!  These girls were so incredibly fun….it was really hard to get anything other than a giggle out of them! And their sweet puppy Rosco made me want to trade in our big dogs for a baby Maltese (for about a minute).




This little guy is such a trooper!  After a very early morning (waking up at 5:30!) he was just about ready for a nap right when we started pointing the camera at him.  He totally rallied and we had lots of fun at the park.  (also made memorable by Kane’s first juice box ever…nothing like a little liquid speed to perk ’em up!)