Monthly Archives: May 2008

Being a big sister to a brother 18 years my junior, I sure do wish I had images of me holding him as a newborn! Baby Wesley was another newborn smiler (we’ve had a run on those lately!) and is as sweet as honey. Poised, beautiful and kind, Chelsea is a model big sister. Can’t wait to do her senior portraits later this summer….

yes…this REALLY is the color of her eyes!

“Mom and dad…you are hilarious! No, wait. That was just gas. Excuse me.” -Wesley

Although this perfect angel big sister gave us so many wonderful smiles, I just have to share the sweet, introspective looks. Baby Ava was also a charmer….just mellow and fabulous.

We have had a run on precious smiley kids at the park….everyone had a blast hanging and playing with Mr. Matt and me this past weekend!

Connor (4)

Connor’s grandparents are in town all the way from Canada, so it was the perfect time to see his fun family again. He loves hunting rolly pollies and goofing around with Matt. A true boy through and through!

Gray (4)+ Arden (17 months)

OK, so since when can a 17 month old out run me? Miss Arden is sure to become a track star some day! And Mr. Cooper was on a serious MISSION to catch those frogs we heard croaking all morning. We came up empty (but not for a lack of trying!)…but we did see him the very next day back at the park, this time with his daddy in tow, determined to catch him some toad. ūüôā

Cate (14 months)

I just get a big kick out of hearing babies talk. (I guess because we are so accustomed to our 2 year old who is just now starting to speak English!) Only after 1.5 seconds of getting out of her car seat, Little Cate was giving me a huge hug and saying “Awww….HI!” *I melted!* She proceeded to then take out every toy (and lens cap) we had, hug them with the same amount of care and love and say “Aww…!”

And it’s no wonder where this sweet thing gets her gentle disposition….check out the LOVE seen in this family image. “Aww….!”

Still fresh from the season with the requisite playoff facial hair on dad, this hockey family squeezed in a last minute shoot before heading back home to Finland for the summer. Don’t you just love the ‘stache? Ha ha, this pretty mommy just grinned and rolled her eyes. It was so fun to see Lukas again. He has gotten so big since the last time we saw him!

Check out these moves! A future athlete for sure…

Here I Come!—-Whoa too fast…—-Splat—-I’m OK mom! I meant to do that.

No harm no foul

Thanks guys! We had a blast in the park with you, and we hope hope hope you make it back to Dallas next season! Go Stars!

Happy Memorial Day!

I am so thankful to have met Daniela and baby Adrianna this past week.  

Not that I would have gone on eating my burger and sipping my cerveza by the pool without realizing the importance of the day…..but it is nice to have a very real reminder of what we are all so thankful for. ¬†You see, Adrianna’s daddy is serving our country in Iraq for his second one-year tour of duty. ¬†And they have a new baby on the way. ¬†Luis mentioned to Daniela he would love to see a picture of her beautiful pregnant belly. ¬†Daniela took this hint to heart….and daddy I am sure will be blown away by the beauty of his two girls. ¬†



Thank you, Luis and Daniela.  We do so appreciate the sacrifices you are making for us and we pray for your fast and safe return.



If you are a military family with a loved one serving over seas, please call us…we’d love to thank you with a portrait session.