Monthly Archives: April 2008

Cuddly, sleepy, tiny, bend-y, dreamy…Savannah (2 weeks)

Our third three month old session with this sweet family….Baby Denton has 2 adoring big sisters!

Ellie(4)+Margaret(2)+ Denton(3 months)

Celia’s parents found us through a common bond that we have….we had our precious babies at the same midwife-run birthing center. The way that Matt and I brought our kids into the world is so dear to us, and its the same way that Celia’s parents feel about her birth. So it was neat to reminisce a little today with this family about things that really matter to us.

Well, the last time we saw this peanut she was a tiny baby. And today, she is a CHATTER BOX 16 month old. This girl can seriously talk. In sentences! Celia also brought along her fan club…..which consists of four proud grandparents and uber-nanny Lisa. Such fun!

Having 4 children in under 5 years is an amazing feat in and of itself…..but to say that the whole crew is happy, sweet, kind, AND well-behaved? And did I mention that this momma looks absolutely fabulous?? This sweet family is so blessed to add another sister to the mix. And (after getting to know her siblings) it was no surprise that she was also a dream baby to photograph.

Katherine Grace(4)+Charlie(3)+Graham(2)+Mary Elise(2 weeks)