Monthly Archives: March 2008

Two different babies, both with those big blue eyes!

Baby Boy Landry (3 weeks)…..his mommy claimed there was no way he would ever go to sleep!

But that was before he was introduced to my space heater and womb sounds CD….


And Sweet Elle (7 months)

Last week we saw a few big boys with their tiny baby brothers:

Andrew (22 months) + Alexander (10 days)

Patrick (3 yrs) + Harrison (8 months)

Brandon (4 yrs) + Blake (2 months)

Sweet Jaden with his parents, at one year old. Such a pleasure to see this super friendly little guy again! We first saw him as a bump in mommy’s tummy, then as a tiny newborn.

Here is the most expressive little guy….he acted so coy and hilarious the whole shoot! His big brother (one of 3 older siblings) came to the session, covered in PBJ from lunch and his mom was not at all thinking about pics of him, too. But since he was sporting those rockin’ rain boots, a few snaps of him were in order…