Monthly Archives: January 2008

OK, we are officially LOVING the new studio! Even on the darkest, coldest, dreariest of days, the big window gives the most beautiful light. The hardwood floors, the brick, the TONS of new space all= photographer ( and subject’s!) heaven. Here are a few sneaks from the past couple days. We have had so much fun with beautiful bellies, teeny tiny babies, and big siblings.

And the parting shot….

Baby K…..I just wanted to squeeze her! Check out those yummy cheeks and bottom…..

I can’t decide which was more gorgeous, her by herself or with her parents. When I causally suggested that some skin on skin images would be beautiful….I was so surprised to see how she has made her “mark” on daddy forever. LOVE it.

Little Noah taught us….the harder you work for it, the better it is! Check him out with is um, well, gorgeous mom and dad…

We love these 2 little guys. Big sis has always won me over with her beautiful big blue saucer eyes. Yummy! Baby bro was a newborn last time we saw them. He is not much of a baby anymore, and they played with each other so nicely.

Here’s a few images from Brandy’s maternity session today. Doesn’t she just glow? So pretty. There are lots more images from her session, but none that wouldn’t make her *blush*. Her husband will be sooo happy!

We are finally IN! And wow, does it feel great to have so much new space and so much new light to work with. I’ll post more images of the actual studio (which is so cool by the way) as soon as we have all our new art up on the walls. In the mean time, here are some sneak peeks from Friday’s sessions.

Adorable sisters……

It’s too bad sweet 6 day old baby M’s daddy is so out of shape. 🙂

And her 3 big siblings were so much fun, and a ton of help to mom and dad.