Monthly Archives: October 2007

I am so busted! It has been way too long since I updated the blog with recent pictures….so sorry to all you patient families dying to see some snaps from your sessions. I feel like I haven’t put down the camera in days! But wow, what an amazing few days to have spent playing at the park!

OK, what a great session….so much energy and love. And I am loving the outfits too!!

These beauties are related….

Cousins perhaps?


Twins. Seriously!

7 1/2 months and counting….

This fun 13 year old got very comfortable after his mom dragged him (hee hee) to his portrait session. We started in my current studio….

Then went amongst the dozen or so amigos who are still working on our new studio. (It’s almost done! Isn’t the brick awesome?)…. These images are from the front porch.

Then we headed to a close by park to spread our wings.

A much loved brand new baby sister…

Every time we see this gorgeous family, I want to photograph them ALL day long. Little Sienna is the baby with mommy in the slide show images on our homepage. Look how big she is now!

We have seen these kiddos grow up for YEARS. Bis sis is already in the third grade…..we photographed her for the first time when she was in diapers.

2 wiggly, squirmy, happy brothers. You aren’t too fast for me and especially Mr. Matt! 🙂

Little J. has a new brother. Of the canine variety that is.

This warm family braved the chilly morning like champs….

Oh my gosh look how these two have grown. We saw them first 6 years ago….

Wondering what would be the perfect outfit for your fall portraits? Well, normally I’d say anything that is casual, comfortable and appropriate for the weather. I also never suggest things like giant hair bows and peter pan collars. But this time of year, we always have folks that really want that summer-y feel to their portraits and dress in all white. I’d really like to show you little Savar from our shoot today. We have been photographing this little guy since he was in his mommy’s tummy. Isn’t he yummy? It was chilly today, and hey, it’s fall…so his soft hoodie sweater and warm trousers were perfect. Mom and dad wore comfy shades of brown. Fabulous! So keep the white slip dresses for the little girls in the closet till spring (they’ll thank you, too…..its cold out there in the morning in a summer dress and no shoes), and feel free to bust out some cozy sweaters, funky hats, and warm jackets…and take a peek at a slideshow from Savar’s shoot for some more inspiration.

Yay! We were not rained out today! What gorgeous weather to be out in the park for the rest of the week too! Can’t wait. Check out adorable Ava, at one year old. (I would normally not name a kid on the blog, but hey the dress gives it away!).

We have also been in the studio this week, check out the *four* kids together! This is a family we have photographed since big sister was a baby, and let me tell you they are spirited kids. Putting it mildly. Lots of fun and lots of noise. Well, mom had her misgivings about getting “everyone in one shot.” I told her she came to the right place…..again of course… just this is our specialty.

We also saw one very superstar athlete and his adorable family, including new baby sis. Lots more shoots to come this week so stay tuned.

OK, well I did get a chance to sneak out to the Arboretum this week with my kids and Ava’s little friend from preschool. We had the place to ourself it seemed….the end of a dark wet day. A little mud in the pumpkin patch never hurt anyone! And I couldn’t resist my little beauty in this sweater on the first “chilly” morning of fall.

OK, well you can tell it’s the holiday season. Not much extra time to update the blog daily, so here is the weekly post of my favorite images. We had gorgeous weather this week……well except for the fog, drizzle and dark clouds on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Hey wait! That’s when we had TONS of park shoots scheduled! Urgh… thanks everyone who needed to be shifted around and we look forward to seeing you all rescheduled in the park in the next couple weeks. (this week alone we have 14 sessions planned. We are doing the no rain dance….) So without further ado, here is a look at this week’s awesome studio sessions….