Monthly Archives: July 2007

We’re back! Here are a couple shots from a fun session yesterday…the brother just celebrated his first communion and the sister is getting all grown up…off to high school in just 3 weeks.

And here is one from today’s 3 little beauties. I love shots like this….the very end of the session and surely the girls’ mom thought we got nothing out of sitting the sisters by the window. They were well done by this point and the 3 of them were melting before our eyes. But I am not above bribery ….and a little talk about lollypops for sisters who hug onto their baby always does wonders!

…in Indiana! Not exactly the dream locale for most, but we had a really nice time last week visiting my family in Indy. The weather was perfect and we did such fun stuff like splash at water parks and see cows at an organic dairy farm. It was much needed R & R and a great time with family and old friends!

After a hard day at work, every model needs time with their lovie.