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Sammy’s mom can’t see my attachments, so she is going to view his collage recommendation choices here on the blog……Make it easier on her and vote for your fav!

Our Family

Everyone asks…….”So you must just photograph your kids all the time, huh?” Um, no…not really. Unless you count the little diaper bag camera I carry around with me everywhere just like most moms. Ava is pretty much over the camera as soon as I point the thing at her, so I try not to torture…

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  • thinker - These are beautiful! Did you take them in Dallas? I especially love the one of your family. So great! We are really enjoying our pictures. Hope to see you guys again soon. -Kathy Krey

Rangers Family Day

We love our ball players!! Not only is it the hugest thrill for Matt to meet these superstars, but for me, these families are just pure joy to photograph…in the studio and on the field! This is the second time we were invited to photograph the kiddos at Family Day, and it was a blast….

Our crew at the Ballpark

Ava and Cal had a blast at the ballpark with their cousins watching mommy and daddy photograph the players with their kids. Ava explained to everyone that her daddy was a Ranger and that’s why we were on the field. Sorry baby, in dad’s dreams!!